Where should I stay to visit Rocky Mountain National Park?

Is it better to stay in Boulder or Estes Park?

I’d stay in Boulder, hands down. Much more to do and see. RMNP is super, but that’s the best part of the Estes Park area. When visiting the park, my husband and I always travel back down to Boulder as there is nowhere at all decent to eat that is decent in Estes Park.

Is it better to stay in Estes Park or Grand Lake?

Re: Stay in Grand Lakes or Estes Park? Most of the popular trails and sights are on the east (Estes Park) side. Because of overcrowding issues, it’s important to arrive at trailheads early to find parking so you’ll want to be closer to the east side. However, Grand Lake is quieter if that’s important to you.

What is the best time of year to visit Rocky Mountain National Park?

best time of the year to avoid crowds

November through April is the best time to avoid crowds in Rocky Mountain National Park. Summer and fall weekends are the busiest in the park, and yearly visitation grows each year. In 2018, the park was visited by 4.5 million people, but just over .

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Is the drive from Denver to Estes Park scary?

Re: Denver to Estes – Will the drive scare me? Denver to Estes isn’t bad, but if you’re planning on going into Rocky Mountain National Park, you might find Trail Ridge Road nerve-wracking.

Is Estes Park or Colorado Springs better?

Both have nature and hiking. Estes Park has great resorts with cabins, cottages, lodges, etc., while Colorado Springs is more of a hotel stay in my opinion. I would say as far as tourist attractions go, Colorado Springs has more but I still liked Estes Park better. It’s just so beautiful there and RMNP is stunning.

Which is better Colorado Springs or Boulder?

If you are into the outdoors, food and drink Boulder is the better pick. The University adds a young hip vibe. Colorado Springs is more family orientated, suburban with a conservative influence due to the military and Focus on the Family.

Is Estes Park expensive?

The cost of living in Estes Park is, unfortunately, about 20% higher than the national average. … Also, the cost of commuting to nearby towns must be included in the cost of living; most residents of Estes Park visit these locales regularly for shopping, entertainment, medical appointments, etc.

What is the best time to visit Estes Park?

Q: When is the best time to visit? A: Once a mostly summer vacation destination, Estes Park has developed into a year-round attraction. July, August and September are the most popular months thanks to the mild, dry climate – offering a respite for those living in hotter, more humid locations.

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