What is the lifestyle of northern mountains?

What is the lifestyle of people in mountains?

Most modern conveniences are far away. So are supplies, which must be carried long distances up the slopes. Despite these challenges, people around the world have worked and lived in mountainous areas for centuries. Often, they make their living farming, fishing, or herding.

What is the main occupation of people living in northern mountains?

Answer: People living on mountains do agriculture as well as rearing of animals, though on a small scale. This is because they need both the agricultural produce as well as milk and meat from animals for subsistence. Excess of produce is usually traded.

What are the physical features of northern mountains?

Physical features of the Northern Mountains

Karakoram means black gravel, it is a mass or rock and ice. these mountains extend from Hunza to the Shyok River. The average height of these mountains is 6000 Km, the second highest peak of the world is located here. These mountains also have glaciers and huge ice mountains.

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What are the characteristics of Northern mountains?

The Himalayan Mountains form the northern mountain region of India. They are the highest mountain ranges in the world. These mountain ranges start from Pamir Knot in the west and extend up to Purvanchal in the east. Prominent Features → Highest peaks, Deep valleys & Gorges, Glaciers etc.

Why are mountains not suitable for living?

Despite their formidable and awe inspiring physicality, these are some of the most fragile habitats on the planet. Harsh climates, thin soils and steep gradient make it so very hard for plants and animals to live here.

Is the main occupation of the people in villages?

Farming : Agriculture is the main occupation in villages .

What is the main occupation of mountains?

What is the major occupation of mountain region? The main occupation of this region is animal husbandry. They rear sheep, goats and yaks. Dairy farming is a major occupation.

What are the relief features of northern mountains?

They include the Baltoro glacier, Godwin Austen glacier, and the northern parts of the Karakoram ranges and the Gilgit Balochistan region of the pak.

What are the importance of northern mountains?

The importance of Northern mountains in India are given below : It is the most prominent source for Glacial rivers – enough rainfall and vast snow-fields in these mountains are the source of perennial rivers. The melting of the snow provides enough water during the season.

What are the advantages of northern mountain region?

The Himalayas are a great climatic barrier. They save our country from the cold and dry winds of Central Asia, It also prevents the rain-laden monsoon winds of Indian Ocean from crossing over to Northern countries and causes heavy rain-fall in the Northern India.

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What does the northern mountains include?

Name the mountain ranges that form the Northern mountains. Ans- The Himalayas,the Karakoram Mountains and the North eastern mountain ranges together form the Northern mountains .

Where do we see the thick forest in the northern mountains?

The Northern Triangle temperate forests is a temperate broadleaf and mixed forest ecoregion of thick forest covering the mountains of northern Myanmar.

Northern Triangle temperate forests
Area 10,620 km2 (4,100 sq mi)
Country Myanmar
States Kachin State and Sagaing Region
Elevation 1,830–2,700 metres (6,000–8,860 ft)

How are Himalayas divided?

Three major geographical entities, the Himadri (greater Himalaya), Himanchal (lesser Himalaya) and the Shiwaliks (outer Himalaya), extend almost uninterrupted throughout its length and are separated by major geological fault lines.