What is the best snowmobile belt?

What is the best aftermarket snowmobile belt?

Vendor. gates carbon fiber belt is by far the best.

Are Gates snowmobile belts any good?

The new Gates G-Force drive belts have been engineered for precise fit with drop-in performance and durability. They are every bit as tough and dependable as the OE belts, and now it seems, even better. We have been using the Gates G-Force drive belts on our snowmobiles for the past two seasons and they are awesome.

What causes a snowmobile belt to break?

There are several reasons why a belt can fail, but they all eventually point to the same cause – too much heat. Things like incorrect belt deflection, improper belt break in, snow ingestion (causing belt slippage), and worn or dirty clutch parts can all cause the same effect – too much heat!

How often should you change snowmobile belt?

Clean the Belt and Clutches

Belts usually last between 1,500-2,000 miles before they need replacing, depending on how well you care for your sled.

Is 6000 miles alot for a snowmobile?

There are lots of forums out there to read which models are good and which ones give trouble. 2000 miles isn’t a lot but on some motors that milage will make it a time bomb. I’ve seen 6000 mile sleds look better than 1000 mile ones. It all depends on previous owner just like anything else.

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What is the smoothest riding snowmobile?

The Switchback® PRO-S is for riders who want the smoothest ride and handling plus a sled that virtually eliminates stutter bumps. Available with the 600 Cleanfire®, 800 Cleanfire® H.O., and 850 Patriot™ Engines.

What is high mileage for a snowmobile?

So, what’s considered high mileage on a snowmobile? A snowmobile that is over 8,000 miles, and especially over 10,000 miles, is considered to be high mileage. Generally, the life expectancy of a snowmobile is around 15,000 miles.