What is snowmobile track length?

How do you measure the length of a snowmobile track?

How To Determine The Length Of A Snowmobile Track

  1. Count the number of crossbars on the track.
  2. Then multiply the number of crossbars times the pitch.
  3. Example: 54 pitches x 2.86” = 154.44” (this track is called 155 by one OEM and 154 by another OEM.

What is the best snowmobile track length for trails?

There’s a strong leaning toward 141-146-inch tracks for freestyle and semi-off-trail targeted sleds. Frankly, we feel the more track there is, the less maneuverability you get. Longer tracks are flat-out harder to turn.

How long is a long track snowmobile?

These days track lengths come in 121-, 128-, 136-, 141-, 144-, 151-, 159- and 162-inch sizes. Tracks are generally 15 inches wide.

How long is a snowmobile with a 163 track?

The 162/163/165” track length is what we consider the heart of the market (at least for the deep dry powder found in the Intermountain West). This is often cobsidered to provide the perfect blend of flotation and maneuverability.

Will a 120 track fit a 121?

yes it will fit, but you will have to change the drivers to accomadate the different pitches between the 2 tracks. in addition to changing drivers, you will need to factor in the driver tooth count as well. most the 120’s are a 2.86 pitch track and all the 121’s are 2.52 pitch.

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How long should snowmobile studs be?

The stud recommended for a 1.25 inch lug is a 1.325” or a 1.375” length snowmobile stud. They both get you about 3/8” over the lug for ideal combo of great traction and maximized longevity. Either size is so close that you cannot go wrong with either.

What does pitch mean on a snowmobile track?

(Pitch is defined as distance from the center of one lug to the center of the next lug going around the track.) Most track engineers will agree that when all other factors are constant, the shorter the pitch, the faster the track will run. Shorter pitch track equals higher speed.

How long is a mountain snowmobile?

The sled itself is 50 inches tall, up to 137 inches long, and up to 44.5 inches wide. The Mountain Cat Alpha One uses Power Claw tracks that dig and grip into the snow so traction never becomes an issue. That track is 15 wide inches and up to 165 inches long.