What is Rainbow Mountain famous for?

Is Rainbow Mountain a wonder of the world?

Vinicunca Mountain, or the Rainbow Mountain, is one of the earth’s most amazing natural wonders. … According to an article in Forbes, “the rainbow coloration in the stratigraphic layers of the Ausangate mountain is largely due to weathering and mineralogy.

Can you ever reach a rainbow?

A rainbow isn’t a fixed object that hangs in the sky. It’s an illusion formed between the sunshine, the rain and your eyes. Light bounces out of the raindrops at an angle of 40° for red light, and 42° for blue. And that’s true wherever you stand, so as you move, the rainbow moves too and you can never catch it.

How much does it cost to go to Rainbow Mountain?

How much does a tour to the Mountain of 7 Colors cost?

Average price tour to Vinicunca Price in soles (S /.) Price in dollars ($)
Entry S /. 10 3 USD
Horse riding * S /. 100 $ 31
Snacks S /. 10 3 USD
Total cost S /. 330 $ 102
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