What is a starter on a snowmobile?

How does a snowmobile starter work?

To take the electric starter off, simply unbolt the starter, and take out the battery. The electric starter is hooked to a gear, which, when you turn the key over, the sylenoid pushes the gear into another gear which is hooked to the flywheel ( or your crank ) and spins the motor over. Easy to take out and put in.

What is a shot starter on a snowmobile?

Shot Start works like this: You pull-start your sled once in the morning. It has to run for around 2 minutes, in turn charging the capacitor. After that, you have push-button electric start if you use within 30 minutes of engine shutdown.

What is a shot starter?

In a nutshell, SHOT provides an electrical charge to start the engine without the use of a battery, starter motor or ring gear and is nearly 20 pounds (9 kg) lighter than a conventional electric start.

What is ETEC shot starter?

SHOT starting is only possible with advanced Rotax E-TEC technology. After a first pull-start, the engine charges a lightweight ultracapacitor. For later starts, that stored energy turns the magento into an electric motor; it turns the crank and E-TEC does the rest.

Can you pull start a snowmobile?

On an electric snowmobile, turn the key to the “Start” position and listen to the engine purr. Release the choke once the engine is running smoothly. For a manual machine, pull out the recoil starter cord until you feel resistance, and then pull it firmly, as you would with a lawn mower.

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Can you start a snowmobile without a belt?

If you do run without the belt, you have to be very careful not to rev the engine up too quickly (if at all). Avoid running the RPM to where the primary sheaves start to engage. Without the belt in place, the sheaves can slam together hard enough to shatter, which can turn your primary clutch into a grenade.

How much weight does electric start add to a snowmobile?

The extra 20-25 lbs. from the starter motor, ring gear and battery added to a 150-horsepower consumer snowmobile makes almost no perceptible difference in its acceleration or top speed. Besides, every 4-stroke sled has it included as standard equipment, simply because 4-strokes are harder to pull-start.

Can you add shot start to Skidoo?

You can not add the “Ski-Doo Shot” system to any 2017 or 2018 sled after the fact. To much integral parts to add that would be way to expensive to do including a whole new ecu. *Hey that rhymed! “Can’t” is subjective at best.

How much weight does shot start save?

Shot starts your sled by storing electricity in an “ultra-capacitor” that weighs a mere 2 lbs. That’s a 22 lb savings over traditional electric start systems.