What does elevation of a mountain mean?


What does elevation level mean?

Elevation is distance above sea level. Elevations are usually measured in meters or feet. They can be shown on maps by contour lines, which connect points with the same elevation; by bands of color; or by numbers giving the exact elevations of particular points on the Earths surface.

What does elevation mean?

noun. the act of elevating or the state of being elevated. the height of something above a given or implied place, esp above sea level. a raised area; height. nobleness or grandeur; loftinesselevation of thought.

What does elevation of a city means?

An elevation is a rise or the raising of something. … Your body temperature might have an elevation if you have the flu, just as the elevation of a hill increases as it gets steeper. Buildings have an elevation too: The front of a building from top to bottom is its front elevation of the structure.

What is an example of elevation?

Elevation is defined as the height above the ground or other surface, or a place or position of height. An example of elevation is a plane flying at 36,000 feet above the ground. … An example of elevation is a ballet dancer leaping three feet in the air.

How do I find my elevation?

Type https://www.google.com/maps into your web browser on a Mac or PC.

  1. Type your location into the search bar on the left side. …
  2. Click the “Menu” bar, which is next to the search bar and is represented by the three horizontal lines in the top-left. …
  3. Hit “Terrain” to show topography and elevation.
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How do you use elevation?

Elevation sentence example

  1. With the town’s elevation near eight thousand feet, plenty of snow was to be expected. …
  2. Maybe the elevation bothered him too. …
  3. They began the arduous climb, puffing in the high elevation for ten minutes until the trail leveled and opened to their left.

What’s the point from which elevation is measured?

Vertical measurements

Vertical distances are measured from a point of known elevation called a benchmark.