What do I need to transfer a snowmobile in Minnesota?

Do you need a title for a snowmobile in Minnesota?

The State of Minnesota requires only a current registration on snowmobiles. At this time, you do not need a certificate of title for your snowmobile.

Do you pay sales tax on a used snowmobile in Minnesota?


What do I need to ride a snowmobile in Minnesota?

Anyone under 18 years old must wear an approved helmet. Any resident of Minnesota born after December 31, 1976, must have a snowmobile safety certificate to operate a snowmobile in Minnesota. Youth must be 11 years old to take a snowmobile safety course, the certificate is not valid until the 12th birthday.

Do snowmobiles come with titles?

Snowmobile. A snowmobile does not have a Title. The signed Registration is the Ownership document. It is used along with a Bill of Sale for transfer.

Do I need a bill of sale to register a snowmobile in Minnesota?

When transferring a snowmobile currently registered in Minnesota, you must provide a bill of sale signed by the registered owner and the purchaser, and all vehicle information must be provided.

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Are snowmobile helmets required in Minnesota?

Snowmobile Safety Gear Requirements

In Minnesota, all snowmobile operators MUST wear an approved helmet at ALL times when operating their snowmobile on public lands, regardless of age or experience level. A helmet is also mandatory for any passengers on the snowmobile.

How much is tax and title on a car in MN?

Typical fees to transfer and title a vehicle:

Title Fee: $8.25 (plus $2 for each lien recorded) Transfer Tax: $10. Public Safety Vehicle Fee: $3.50. Technology Surcharge: $2.25.

How much is sales tax in MN?

To figure the sales tax rate, combine the state general tax rate (6.875 percent) and all applicable local tax rates (local taxes, special local taxes, and special taxes). Apply the total rate to the taxable sales price.

Who needs a snowmobile license in MN?

Minnesota requires snowmobile certification by law for anyone born after December 31, 1976. Adult snowmobile safety certification is for snowmobile operators age 16 and over.

Do I need a helmet to ride a snowmobile?


All roads are open for snowmobilers to use. Road shoulders & road ditches are not open for snowmobilers. Helmets are not required.