What are snowmobile runners?

What is snowmobile tracking?

Darting/tracking is when your sled gets caught in pre-routed tracks from other snowmobiles that have traversed the same trail before you. When this occurs, your snowmobile will most likely react in two different ways. … Second, your snowmobile will jump onto a new track or free snow of its own accord.

What is a ski runner?

(skē′run′ər) noun. One who travels on skis.

What are Skegs on a snowmobile?

Pro-File runners arched keel shapes are deeper into the snow at the center and less into the snow at the ends than bent rod runners. This unique design allows the center of the runner to penetrate deeper into the snow for improved steering control.

What causes darting on a snowmobile?

Darting occurs when the sled’s steering is responding to the direction of even small ruts in the trail rather than your steering input. As the sled encounters new ruts, it’s shifted in an unpredictable side-to-side manner.

How long do carbides last on a snowmobile?

depends what you’re riding on….. we’ve averaged around 700 miles on a set. Other times we’ll go longer…. other shorter.

Do I need carbides on my snowmobile?

When the length of the carbide is too long, the snowmobile skis will tend to dig in more than it should while you are cornering. This can cause the back end of the sled to break free and come around too quickly. For the average rider with a short track, a 4” carbide is all that is needed.

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What does the bottom of a snowmobile ski look like?

Look on the bottom of your skis. You should see a metal bar on the bottom. It should have a triangular piece of “carbide” running up the centre. The wear bars, or carbides do not run front to back, normally are like about 1.0- 1.5 feet long.