Quick Answer: What is the main occupation of people in northern mountains?

What is the main occupation of mountains?

What is the major occupation of mountain region? The main occupation of this region is animal husbandry. They rear sheep, goats and yaks. Dairy farming is a major occupation.

Is the main occupation of the people in villages?

Farming : Agriculture is the main occupation in villages .

Why is farming the main occupation of the people of the northern Plains?

This is because soil present in northern plains like red and yellow soil and alluvial soil are rich in nutrients that needed for agriculture. And therefore, people living in northern plains like Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat mainly depend on agriculture as there occupation due to high yielding variety.

Is the main occupation of our country?

The traditional occupation of India is agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of the country. India was called self-sustainable country when agriculture was the backbone of the country.

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What are the 3 regions of Nepal?

Topographically, Nepal is divided into three distinct ecological regions. These are the Mountains, Hills, and Terai (or plains). The Mountain region ranges in altitude from about 4,800 metres to 8,839 metres above sea level and covers a land area of 51,817 square kilometres.

What is the major occupation of people of Muktapur village?

Mukhtapur village is in the Pochampalli town (mandal) of Telangana. Most of the families in this town are weavers. That is why the special cloth that they weave is called Pochampalli. The villagers have been doing this work for a long time.

What is the most important primary occupation of man?

Agriculture has an important place in economic activities of the primary level. This is the most prevalent occupation. Agriculture enabled man to live a settled life. Agriculture which is the main source of food in the world, supplies 71 per cent of food needs.

Which was the main occupation of the people?

In ancient times, the main occupation of the people was agriculture.

Is the primary occupation of people in Northern Plains?

The major occupation of the people of Northern plains is agriculture. Forestry,fishing and water transportation are also important means of livelihood.

Why the people live in Northern Plains?

Northern Plains are in India are the most recent landforms. These are formed by the alluvial deposits laid down by the rivers such as the Indus, the Ganga, the Brahmaputra and their tributaries. Therefore, fertile land is provided by the river. Thus, more people reside in the northern plains.

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What are the main occupation of coastal areas?

The main occupation of the people living is coastal areas is fishing.