Question: What are the physical features of the northern mountains of Pakistan?

What are the physical features of northern mountains?

Physical features of the Northern Mountains

Karakoram means black gravel, it is a mass or rock and ice. these mountains extend from Hunza to the Shyok River. The average height of these mountains is 6000 Km, the second highest peak of the world is located here. These mountains also have glaciers and huge ice mountains.

What do you know about the northern mountain ranges in Pakistan?

Northern Pakistan is blessed with the world’s majestic, densest ranges of highest and precipitous mountains in the world.

List of Mountain Ranges in Pakistan.

Mountain Range Sulaiman
Elevation 3,487 m
Highest Peak Takht-e-Sulaiman (throne of Sulaiman)
Location Afghanistan and Pakistan

What are northern mountains of Pakistan?

The three world famous mountain ranges, The Himalayas (means the “Home of Snow”), The Karakoram and The Hindu Kush (means the “Killer of Hindus”) meet just at the northern region of Pakistan.

What are the differences between northern and western mountains?

In the Northern Mountains the precipitation is mainly snow, and because of the severe climate there are mainly glaciers not rivers. … The Western Mountains include the Sulaiman Range, the Waziristan Hills, Koh-i-sufaid, the Mountains of Swat and Chital, and the Kirthar Hills. There are many springs and limestone ridges.

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What are the relief features of northern mountains?

They include the Baltoro glacier, Godwin Austen glacier, and the northern parts of the Karakoram ranges and the Gilgit Balochistan region of the pak.

What are the importance of northern mountains?

The importance of Northern mountains in India are given below : It is the most prominent source for Glacial rivers – enough rainfall and vast snow-fields in these mountains are the source of perennial rivers. The melting of the snow provides enough water during the season.

Why northern mountains are important for Pakistan?

The northern mountain barrier influences the precipitation pattern in Pakistan by intercepting monsoon (rain-bearing) winds from the south. Melting snow and glacial meltwater from the mountains also feed the rivers, including the Indus, which emerge from the east-west-aligned ranges to flow southward.