Question: Is it common to get hurt skateboarding?

Is skateboarding painful?

4 Most Common Skateboarding Injuries

Tendonitis and sprains — Tendonitis and sprains in the feet, ankles, and knees are common due to overuse and pressure placed on the feet while skateboarding. There is usually localized pain, swelling, and stiffness.

How many people get hurt while skateboarding?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the number of skateboarding injuries is typically 8.9 per 1,000 participants, which is low. Basketball, a non-contact spot, has a 21.2 ER-treated injury per 1,000 players’ rate.

How do you not get hurt while skating?

Wear protective gear – This includes a properly fitting helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, and closed shoes with slip-resistant soles. Note: If you perform tricks, you need heavy duty gear. Ride in a safe environment – Avoid areas where you could collide with cars, pedestrians, and other obstacles.

Has anyone ever died skateboarding?

At least 147 skateboarders killed in the United States from 2011-2015, almost all on roads. Skateboarders experience a similar fatality rate as pedestrians and bicyclists. Like other non-motorized users, skateboarders are vulnerable users versus autos.

Why is skateboarding bad for you?

Skateboarding injuries often involve the wrist, ankle, or face. Injuries to the arms, legs, neck and trunk range from cuts and bruises to sprains, strains, and broken bones. … Facial injuries, such as a broken nose or jawbone, are also common. Severe injuries include concussion and other head injuries.

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How safe is skateboarding?

Despite its negative image among the medical fraternity, the skateboard does not appear to be a dangerous sport with a low incidence and injuries encountered being not severe. Skateboarding should be restricted to supervised skateboard parks and skateboarders should wear protective gear.

Is a longboard safer than a skateboard?

BOSTON — People who skateboard using a type of board called a longboard may be at greater risk for severe injuries than those who use regular skateboards, a new study suggests.