Question: Are snowmobile studs worth it?

How much does it cost to put studs on a snowmobile?

I would put a lot of thought into WHAT type of studs you need in your new sled as well. There are many choices but how and where you ride should be considered. A dealer will set you back $500 to $600 bucks but I would advise not just going with the studs the dealer suggests without some research and thought.

How long should snowmobile studs be?

The stud recommended for a 1.25 inch lug is a 1.325” or a 1.375” length snowmobile stud. They both get you about 3/8” over the lug for ideal combo of great traction and maximized longevity. Either size is so close that you cannot go wrong with either.

Can studs be removed from snowmobile track?

Taking them out will only help as mentioned before. The hole is already there, the studs only add leverage and try to rip out under use. If you remove the stress caused from the stud, the track will last longer.

Can you stud a 2 snowmobile track?

No you can not stud your track for obvious reasons,the studs would bend/break very easy and put alot of strain on the track,they do make little screw picks you can drill into the end of your lugs though,iv seen them on a few deep lug sleds.

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Is it hard to change a snowmobile track?

Anyone with a basic understanding of their snowmobile, has an open work space, some tools and a little patience can swap out their own snowmobile track. In order to get your old track off, you will need to remove your rear suspension, some parts under the hood and the drive shaft.

Can you stud a 1.75 track?

A 1.75 inch track will need a 1.920” snowmobile stud. It should be run with our XL series backer in combination with a 3/4” nut. It is the tallest stud we make. To measure your track to verify the lug height, you need to measure from the top of the track up.

Can you stud a 1.6 track?

A 1.6 Cobra track takes a 1.625” Snowmobile stud. … While the size looks too close, the Cobra track has nubs on the top of the lug that count as overall height. The effective lug height is actually 1.5” on this track.

How many studs are in a 128 track?

A 128” track features a 2.52” pitch (space between lugs) giving it 51 windows. A 2 studs per row pattern is 102 studs.

How many studs are in a 144 inch track?

A 144 track has a 2.52” pitch (space between lugs) giving it 57 windows! A 2 studs per row pattern is 114 studs. A 3 studs per row pattern is 171 studs.