How tight should longboard wheels?

What happens if I loosen or tighten the wheels on longboard?

You can actually hear loose wheels when you skate. The board will make a rattling sound, especially during ollies or flip tricks. It may also track strangely, causing vague, imprecise steering. Tighten the axle nuts down so that the wheels no longer shake.

Why is my longboard so slow?

This is an easy one : if your axle nuts are too tight they can keep your wheels from spinning freely. That may be a reason why your longboard feels slow. Loosening the nuts a bit can allow your wheels to spin normally again. … Don’t make them too loose though, or they’ll eventually come off the axle.

Can skateboard wheels fall off?

Sometimes out of nowhere your bearings can burst, your wheeels can fall off and your truck can break. Keep up with maintenance, and know when it the product is becoming too worn. These are all things that I have encountered in the 10 years I’ve been skating that have caused me to fall.

How loose should my wheels be?

Your skateboard wheels should be tight enough that they spin freely. However, you don’t want the wheels so loose that they wiggle on the truck’s axle. … If the wheel stops spinning after a few seconds, you’ll want to loosen them.

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Why does my skateboard not go straight?

One of the most common causes is cracked or dried bushings. Bushings are the plastic pieces in the center of your trucks. The bend and are compressed when you steer your skateboard. Depending on the hardness of your bushings the help your trucks to turn smoothly.

Which way should trucks face on a longboard?

Standard kingpin trucks should be placed so that the kingpin and the bushings of each truck face inwards, toward the center of the deck. Reverse kingpin trucks should be placed so that the kingpin and the bushings of each truck face outwards, toward the tip and tail of the deck.