How much is a Sector 9 longboard worth?

Is Sector 9 a good longboard?

Sector 9 longboards are highly praised for their build quality and their smooth and easy riding feel. They’re considered solid and durable at reasonable prices. Many of them are also very beginner-friendly boards. One thing some riders cringe about is the excessive conspicuous “Sector 9” brand name in board graphics.

How much did Sector 9 sell for?

Sportswear and casual clothing manufacturer Billabong has sold Sector 9, the San Diego-based skate hardware brand, to Bravo Sports, a portfolio company of Transom Capital Group, for $12m.

Are Sector 9 wheels good?

The highest quality downhill wheel for longboards is the Sector 9 Race Formula wheels. … These wheels are not out of reach for beginner to intermediate riders. With a diameter of 70mm and a hardness of 78A, these wheels provide the perfect mix between speed and stability at an excellent price.

Is it cheaper to build a longboard?

Building a longboard is usually cheaper than buying one, and it can be a lot of fun to make your own a unique board. You will need a bit of wood chopping ability, access to woodworking tools, a dash of creativity, and a lot of motivation to build your own board.

How much should I spend on my first longboard?

A good quality longboard starts at around 90-150 dollars for a complete. This a prefect for a beginner to enjoy longboarding right away and keep doing it. You will get good quality trucks and wheels and you will definitely feel the difference if you can compare it with a cheap one. It is best to buy a complete first.

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