How much does it cost to camp in the Smoky Mountains?

Can you camp anywhere in the Smoky Mountains?

1. Camping is permitted only at designated backcountry campsites and shelters. … You may not stay at any backcountry campsite for more than 3 consecutive nights. You may not stay consecutive nights at campsite 113 or at any shelter.

Can you car camp in the Smoky Mountains?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The park straddles the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, making it a convenient diversion for many East Coast road trips. While there are a number of beautiful campsites throughout this large park, the campground at Cades Cove is our pick for top car-camping destination.

How much does it cost to camp in Cades Cove?

Campsites are $25 per night for individual campsites. Reservations for campsites at Cades Cove Campground can be made 6 months prior to your arrival date online at or by calling 877-444-6777.

Can you sleep in the Smoky Mountains?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides varied camping options. LeConte Lodge is the only place where you can get a room, however, and you have to hike to the top of a mountain to enjoy the privilege. Gatlinburg has the most sleeping options of any gateway town, though prices are high.

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Do I need bear spray in Smoky Mountains?

Bear spray is legal for self defense in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Although you probably won’t need to use it, the peace of mind and security of knowing you have it on your hip so you can enjoy your hiking, camping or swimming is priceless.

What is Boondocking camping?

In essence, boondocking is off-the-grid RV travel. Sometimes referred to as “dry camping,” boondocking is any time you camp in your RV without water, sewer, or electrical connections. That can take the form of parking your rig deep in the backcountry or pulling over at a highway rest stop.

Where can I live in a tent for free?

Pitch A Tent At 8 Of The Best Free Camping Spots In NSW

  • Ingar Campground. Blue Mountains. …
  • Newnes Campground. Wollemi National Park. …
  • Bretti Reserve. Bretti. …
  • Coxs Creek Campground. Coolah Tops National Park. …
  • Swans Creek Crossing. Lorne (NEAR PORT MACQUARIE) …
  • Ellenborough Reserve. …
  • Wingello State Forest. …
  • Humes Crossing Campground.

Where can I camp for free in Tennessee?

Best Free Camping in Tennessee

  • Hohenwald, TN. Meriwether Lewis Campground. 33 Reviews.
  • Spring City, TN. Rhea Springs Recreation Area. 20 Reviews.
  • Spring City, TN. Jackson Island Campground. 19 Reviews.

Do you need a permit to camp in the Smoky Mountains?

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park requires that you obtain backcountry permits for overnight camping in the park. Reservation fees are $4 per person, per night, with a maximum charge of $20 per person. Permits are good for 7 nights. … Plan your trip & determine which sites you wish to camp at.

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Are there showers in Smoky Mountains?

There are no showers, electrical or water hookups in the park. Ask at the visitors center about pay showers available in the communities surrounding the park.

Do you need reservations for Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

Reservations are required at Campgrounds, Group Campgrounds, Horse Campgrounds, Pavilions and the Appalachian Clubhouse and Spence Cabin. Facilities that remain open in the off-peak season November-April have some first come, first serve sites available.

Is Cades Cove worth the drive?

The drive to Cades Cove alone will definitely be worth the trip. As you drive through the beautiful wooded areas of the Smoky Mountains and enjoy breathtaking views, you and your family will feel like you arrived in Cades Cove in no time.

Is Cades Cove still closed?

Vehicle-free access along the Cades Cove Loop Road each Wednesday will begin on Wednesday, May 5 through September 1, 2021. Cades Cove Loop Road will be closed to all vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists from September 7 through September 27, 2021 for paving work.