How is life difficult in mountainous region than plains?

Why is the life in mountain region difficult?

Living in the mountains can be hard. At higher altitudes, air is thinner, which means it has less oxygen, and that makes breathing harder. … Despite these challenges, people around the world have worked and lived in mountainous areas for centuries. Often, they make their living farming, fishing, or herding.

How is life in the plains different from the life in the mountains?

people living in plains are lived freely and they can make high buildings and apartment in plain areas. people living in mountains cannot live freely and they can’t make high building and apartment in mountains.

Why is life difficult in northern mountains?

The cold climate makes it very difficult to grow many crops, there is also some worse weather conditions like lack of warmth, no rain, less heat,,etc. which makes the life very hard in the hill areas.

How is a mountain different from a plain?

Plains are flatlands. … Plains can either be the result of no seismic activity between tectonic plates or a leveling of the land by glacial activity. Mountains are elevated lands with sharp variations in altitude. Mountains are usually formed by interactions between tectonic plates or volcanic activity.

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How is life in the plains?

The life at plains is very crowded, large number of people live in the form of colonies and they have ease in terms of mobility. Good infrastructure is available for them. … There life is not as easy as it is on plains. They are safe from the diseases of low lands such as malaria and sleeping sickness.

Can I go live in the mountains?

Mountain living is ideal for people who appreciate peace, quiet, and the chance to inhabit their own little slice of mostly untouched nature. And if you’re looking to be as remote as possible, there are plenty of opportunities to live in the mountains without any neighbors in eyesight.

Why do people prefer to live in plains than mountains?

People always prefer to live on plains rather than mountains and plateaus because these areas are suitable for farming, manufacturing and service activities. The Ganga plains for example are the most densely populated areas of the world.

What are the similarities between mountains and plateaus?

The height of the Tibet Plateau is 4,000 to 6,000 metres. So, these are the major differences between a mountain and a plateau. The most common and basic point of contrast between a mountain and a plateau is its shape. For instance, mountains have a cone-like shape, while a plateau has a table-like shape.