How cold is too cold to skateboard?

Is it bad to skateboard in the cold?

Wherever you store your skateboard, make sure that it remains dry and relatively warm. Very cold temperatures, very hot temperatures, and humid or wet storage areas can actually damage your skateboard more than you might realize.

How cold can you skate outside?

A temperature of 17 to 23 degrees F is considered good “hard hockey ice,” while 24 to 29 degrees F is considered good “soft figure skating ice.” Harder ice allows for faster skating and smoother, less snowy playing surface making the puck slide much easier as well.

How do skateboarders stay warm?

Start off with a T-shirt or long sleeve shirt. This will be your base attire for after you are warmed up and got your blood pumping. For warm-ups I would suggest wearing a jacket or sweatshirt over your t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. This will keep your body at a good temperature and allow your body to warm up.

What do you wear when skateboarding in cold weather?

Wear a coat that wind won’t cut through and layer up. Wear a hat and a hood. The good thing about skating in the cold is that you’ve got more padding on!

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What should you not do at a skatepark?

What Not to Do at a Skatepark

  • Don’t try to figure out a skatepark during the rush hours. …
  • Don’t do flat ground stunts in the middle of a bowl. …
  • Keep your wax to yourself. …
  • Entering a skatepark doesn’t give you wizard powers to do tricks you couldn’t nail on the streets. …
  • Don’t copy other skater’s tricks. …
  • Don’t be a snake.

What skaters do when it rains?


  • Hit your LOCAL INDOOR SPOT. …
  • A spot of BEARING MAINTENANCE, a practical suggestion from skater Lucy Adams. …
  • Some SKATE SPECTATING of the TV variety. …
  • Play some S.K.A.T.E. or if you are a 90’s gamer Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. …
  • CRAFT something from your old skate decks like Thrashion do.

Can you roller skate in cold weather?

When skating in the cold, the hands and ears are usually the first body parts to start complaining. But they’ll be fine with a little protection. … The movement of skating is usually enough to keep your legs warm. But on really cold days, you may want to wear leggings.

How do you know if ice is safe to skate on?

Insert a tape measure into the hole, hook the end onto the edge of the ice, and take the measurement. If your reading is at least four inches, proceed with caution. Ice more than five inches thick will likely hold a snowmobile, and ice more than eight inches thick will likely support a car or small pickup truck.

Why can’t we skate on glass?

Answer: Ice melts under pressure. So, when the steel blades of the skates pressed on the ice, the ice melts. The water formed makes the skates slide easily over the ice, reducing friction.

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What season is best for skateboarding?

Summer: Gets hot in the day, shorter sessions usually because you get hot and tired fast. Better to skate at night when the sun goes down.