Frequent question: What college is Blue Mountain State based on?

What university is Blue Mountain State based on?

The series is about a fictional university, Blue Mountain State, and its football team, the “Mountain Goats”. It portrays certain aspects of American university life, including college football, sex, binge drinking, drugs, wild partying, and hazing.

Blue Mountain State
Created by Eric Falconer Chris Romano

Is Blue Mountain State a good school?

It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 925 (fall 2020), its setting is rural, and the campus size is 190 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Blue Mountain College’s ranking in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Colleges South, #17.

Why is Blue Mountain State so good?

This is really the major reason to watch “Blue Mountain State.” It’s incredibly funny on every level. The characters are meticulously well-drawn, but also completely ridiculous. The show is over-the-top in the best way possible and even after watching each episode multiple times, they still crack me up.

Did Netflix remove Blue Mountain State?

Per a new list of exiting shows and movies for next month, all three seasons of Blue Mountain State will be dropped from Netflix on April 1. … Following the show’s cancellation, a Kickstarter was launched to raise money for a Blue Mountain State movie. It brought in $1.5 million, which was enough to make the film happen.

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Is Blue Mountain State based on Penn State?

BMS is a show about a college football team, allegedly based on Penn State, and their antics. Mainly the show follows Alex Moran, the second string quarterback at the beginning of the show. His boyhood friend Sammy comes along for the adventure as the mascot of the team.

Will there be a 4th season of Blue Mountain State?

TORONTO – Lionsgate’s football-themed sitcom Blue Mountain State has been cancelled after Viacom-owned Spike passed on a fourth season.

What religious organization supports Blue Mountain College?

The Baptist Student Union (BSU) is an organization that strives to coordinate the various religious activities on campus and to stimulate spiritual growth.

Is Blue Mountain State satire?

The humor is not for everyone. While it seems to be done in good faith and as a satire of the machismo and bravado of state college football culture (whatever that is, to begin with), much of the behavior and language is easily construed as misogynistic.