Frequent question: How do I improve my car in motorsport manager?

How can Motorsport Manager improve reliability?

You cannot improve the base reliability of any part. Also, as you upgrade your parts to higher and higher levels, the base reliability tends to go down. It is possible to achieve 100% reliability to all parts by using your Engineer to repair them after each race.

Is there promotion in motorsport manager?

The day the season ends, an email will be sent reminding you contracts are running down, if someone’s contract ends at the end of the year. 2 Days later, the GMA president will give out prize money, announce the series Manager & Driver of the season, and offer promotion to the champions of the ERS & APS.

Does motorsport manager have real drivers?

Motorsport Manager Online is out now on App Store and Google Play! Hire real drivers.

What are tokens for in GT manager?

Paddock Tokens

These are the Premium Currency of the game. It is mostly used to speed up the building time of parts and HQ research. Some car liveries in the store are only purchaseable with Tokens. You also need some tokens to enter races, in addition to Cash.

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