Frequent question: Can you bungee jump in New Jersey?

Is bungee jumping illegal in New York?

Yes, bungee jumping off the Manhattan and any other bridge in New York is illegal.

Where can you bungee jump in NYC?

Best Bungee Jumping in New York, NY

  • Xcelerated Adventures. 3.5 mi. Hang Gliding, Rafting/Kayaking, Bungee Jumping. …
  • Skydive Sussex. 47.4 mi. Skydiving. …
  • Jump and Slide Entertainment. 36.2 mi. …
  • Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk. 9.0 mi. …
  • Bayville Adventure Park. 25.8 mi. …
  • Field Station: Dinosaurs. 11.6 mi.

How much does it cost to bungee jump over the Grand Canyon?

There is only one company in Arizona know for this “Grand Canyon Bungee Jump.” One of the most highly acclaimed bungee jumping companies in the United States, Bungee Expeditions, offers this once in a life time experience for just $250. This price accounts for the highest of safety standards.

Can you bungee jump in the US?

Many states in the United States have banned bungee jumping due to various accidents and deaths. Even in states where it is legal, it is still recommended that jumpers go with a recognized company for their own safety.

Where can you bungee jump in PA?

Popular Over the Edge jump sites in Pennsylvania include: Rubbles Run, 229 feet; Ohiopyle, 110 feet; Moshannon Viaduct, 112 feet; Buffalo, 300 feet; Salisbury Viaduct, 120 feet; East Branch Viaduct, 130 feet; and Stoney Creek, 175 feet. Over the Edge organizes jumps year-round, weather permitting.

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Is bungee jumping bad for your body?

Bungee jumping is, however, undeniably responsible for a range of serious medical complaints, including musculoskeletal pain in the neck and back, headaches, dizziness and blurred vision1. Thankfully, most of these symptoms have no lasting effects, yet there are tales of much rarer and more severe afflictions.

What it feels like to bungee jump?

On that bungee jump? … Bungee jumping, however, definitely feels like a fall, and will give you that sinking-stomach feeling. It is over in a few short seconds, and then you sort of dangle/hang there until you are lowered down to the ground.