Can you white water raft in Glacier National Park?

Can you whitewater raft in Montana?

Flathead River Rafting, The Best Montana Whitewater Rafting!

Here on the edge of Glacier National Park, you can experience the best white water rafting Montana has to offer in addition to fly fishing, kayaking and horseback riding. This is far beyond your ordinary vacation (but easy to get to).

What do you wear white water rafting in Montana?

For our daily raft trips in West Glacier, Montana you will want to wear shorts and a t-shirt and shoes that can get wet and stay securely on your feet. For colder weather days you will want to bring along a fleece sweater, wind pants and a hat or beanie.

Does Montana have water?

Water is the lifeblood of Montana. We depend on an adequate supply of clean water for nearly every aspect of our lives, including food production, hydroelectric power, domestic and industrial uses, and sustaining our treasured natural ecosystems.

How much should I tip my white water rafting guide?

Any tip is an awesome way…to show you had a great time, and there is not a hard and fast rule about how much to tip. An average tip for a half day trip is $3-$5 a person, a one day trip is $5-$7 a person, and a two day trip is usually $10-$15 a person.

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What state has the most white water?

The Best 5 States For Whitewater Rafting in America

  • Colorado. Of course our home state has some of the best whitewater on the planet! …
  • California. The great state of California can make your whitewater dreams come true! …
  • Idaho. Idaho has some of the longest and most scenic stretches of river in the world! …
  • North Carolina.

Can you whitewater raft in lightning?

If you’re out on the river, and a lightning storm rolls in, are you any safer in the water in a rubber raft or on the ground? Consensus here was that as long as you’re in the rubber raft, being insulated from ground, you should be OK.

Can you float the river in the rain?

Overflowing usually happens during the rain, and in the cases of certain rivers, rain can raise the water level to a point where tubing or spending time on the river could become uncomfortable or downright dangerous. … We often get inquiries from clients renting our tubes related to the water level of the river.

What are the chances of dying white water rafting?

Fortunately, fatalities are uncommon in these activities, with rafting and kayaking fatalities occurring at a rate of 0.55 and 2.9 per 100000 user days, respectively. Injury rates for kayaking and rafting are 3 to 6 and 0.26 to 2.1 per 100 000 boating days, respectively.