Can you ramp in paintball?

Is ramping allowed in paintball?

Ramping is allowed as a compromise as a way to LOWER the bps that are shot. Before ramping, people were fanning at 20, 25 bps.

What is ramp in paintball?

Ramping was developed to level the playing field. Everybody can ramp and shoot at the same bps. This eliminates the need for cheater modes and allows bps to be easily enforced in tournaments. In recball, there’s no reason to ramp unless you’re playing against similarly matched people.

What is Nxl ramping?

2. elitenls. 8y. Ramping: the below described PSP3, NXL, and Millenium settings are all different versions of “ramping”; ramping is your gun’s board doing the work for you and maintaining a high BPS while you maintain a low BPS on your trigger, effectively making you shoot 2,3 or 4 times as much paint with little …

What is the BPS for Nxl?

The first 3 shots must be semi-auto mode only. Markers will be limited to a ROF of 10 balls per second, defined as no two consecutive shots may be timed shorter than 95ms apart (reading on ROF meter of 10.5 bps or less is legal; reading on ROF meter of 10.6 bps or higher is illegal).

What is XBall?

Our XBall format is run as a true match style of RaceTo-4 play. Two teams face off with a full 12 minutes of potential play time. Two minutes separate each point played so that teams can regroup for the next. This is a fast paced format with a full match usually lasting 30 minutes. Roster sizes average 7-10 players.

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