Can you kayak at Cloudland Canyon?

Can you get in the water at Cloudland Canyon?

However, all the way down at the bottom of the Canyon grotto the water is pure, spring fed, and very cold. So, no swimming is allowed in it, since this water is primarily for the indigenous wild lifes drinking resource…

Can you kayak at Tallulah Gorge state park?

While there are numerous whitewater rivers throughout north Georgia, Tallulah Gorge is the only state park to feature whitewater kayaking. The first two weekends of April and first three weekends of November are when the dam’s water release is high enough for this activity.

Does Cloudland Canyon have showers?

It offers fresh water, showers and restrooms, sinks, and changing stations. The facilities are convenient and modern, and basic but, most importantly, clean.

Can you see Tallulah Falls without hiking?

6 answers. Parking is very close to the visitor center and a 5 to 10 minute walk to great views of the falls from the top. It’s not necessary to trek to the bottom to see. … You do not have to walk far but you do have to get out of the car and walk a path that is about 100 yards or so to see the falls.

Does Cloudland Canyon have WIFI?

3 bars on Verizon Wifi hotspot.

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Is Helen Ga handicap friendly?

Whether for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, Helen has plenty of wheelchair accessible sights to keep you busy and having fun. All you have to do now is start planning your own trip and say “Guten Tag” (German for “hello/good day”) to a new adventure!