Best answer: How does Robie survive in the raft?

Does Robie die in the raft?

Robie is tossed from the raft, as she impacts the water she hits her head on the reef and knocked unconscious. Robie wakes up on the shore of the island, surprised that she is alive.

How old is Robie in the raft?

Robie Mitchell is a fifteen-year-old girl who is visiting her aunt in Hawaii. She lives with her family on the Midway Atoll. She is comfortable with the remote way in which she lives and understands the importance of wildlife and conservation.

What happens at the end of the raft by SA Bodeen?

As she continues to feel hopeless, she finally acknowledges that Max is a figment of her imagination and that he died on the raft and she dumped his body in the ocean. After locating a Marilyn Monroe lighter, she is able to build a small fire. She falls asleep after giving up hope that she’ll be rescued.

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Why did Robie push max out of the raft?

Why did Robie push Max over the side of the raft with a life vest on? She had to bail out water in the bottom of the raft.

Does Robbie survive in The Raft?

Robie goes from bratty teen to enduring survivor through the course of the book, and in the end her outlook on life, and what it means to live, are forever altered. However, Robie is not entirely alone during this horrific event, and is in fact saved by the co-pilot of the plane, Max.

What happened in The Raft?

The Raft, by S.A. Bodeen, tells the castaway story of Robie, a young woman who survives an airplane crash in the Pacific Ocean. The crash occurs as she attempts to return from a trip to visit her aunt in Honolulu. … As the plane gets lower Robie drops a raft in the ocean and she jumps into the raft.

What is the climax of The Raft?

Climax. Max and Robie end up in a raft floating around for days without food or water.

Is the book The Raft a movie?

Film adaptation

“The Raft” was adapted to film as a segment of the 1987 horror anthology movie Creepshow 2, directed by Michael Gornick from a screenplay by George A. Romero. The bulk of the story is faithful to the short story, but the ending was changed for the film.

What is the theme of the book The Raft?

The theme of Survival is present throughout The Raft. As the novel opens, Robie is desperate for independence. When she is left alone in Hawaii, she experiences a traumatic event that makes her realize that she’s not ready for the responsibilities that accompany being an adult.

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How long was Robie lost at sea?

Instead, he was forced to survive more than a month on the ocean after his hut lost its mooring and drifted from Indonesia to waters around Guam. For 49 days, Aldi survived by stretching out his meager supplies, reportedly subsisting on fish and partially strained seawater.

Who is the raft by?

What was something Robie found in Max’s ditty bag?

He has his yellow ditty bag secured around his wrist. Robie goes through the “Coastal Commander” bag that was attached to the side of the raft and finds four flares, a cup, mirror, flashlight, sponge, seasick tablets, and a small first aid kit.

What did Max have on a cord around his neck?

What did Max always wear around his neck? A black cord with an oblong piece of silver that had Brandy’s thumbprint on one side and his on the other.

What can you infer about Robie after she was on the raft for 48 hours?

What can you infer about Robie after she was on the raft for 48 hours? She was too exhausted to feel anything. She was determined to survive. She is proud of herself for having survived that long.

Where does Robbie live in the raft?

In the book, The Raft by S.A. Bodeen is about a girl named Robie. Robie lives with her family in Midway Atoll, which is in the middle of the Pacific ocean.