Best answer: Can you kayak Elmendorf Lake?

Can you kayak at Elmendorf Lake?

Their hard work paid off as Elmendorf now rivals any park in the city. The grounds have been transformed to include a vast lake with a bird sanctuary that allows for ducks swimming by or people kayaking in the water.

Can you swim in Elmendorf Lake?

Join us in celebrating the opening of Elmendorf pool, as well as the beginning of the 2019 summer swim season. We will have activities both in and out of the water at our splash pad, playground and swimming pool.

Saturday, June 15 2019.

Location: 235 Shore Drive
Category: In the Pool
Type: Event
Activity Group:

Can you kayak on the Riverwalk?

Enjoy kayaking along the world- famous San Antonio River Walk as it winds through the Downtown Business District. This easy 3.5 mile flat-water kayak trip is great for beginner kayakers and families. Kayak, paddles, life vest, and launch fee are included in the 2 hour rental fee. …

How much does a tandem kayak cost?

How Much Does a Kayak Cost? Kayak Price Chart Comparison

Type of Kayak Average Cost
Inflatable Kayaks $500-$800
Folding Kayaks $600-$1,000
Tandem $500-$800
Used Kayaks 25%-50% of their original price
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What kind of fish are in Elmendorf Lake Park?

Stocking History for Elmendorf

Species Year Number Stocked
Bass, Largemouth 1966 1,500
Catfish, Channel 2019 1,097
Catfish, Channel 2017 1,080
Catfish, Channel 2013 814

Is Lake San Antonio Open?

Lake San Antonio open

Maximum 50 boats with up to four persons from the same household per boat, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday only. North Shore: Open for trail use and shoreline fishing. Developed areas closed. … The county reports the lake level is currently 38-percent full.

Where can I kayak in Canyon Lake?

Where to paddle at Canyon Lake

  • Canyon Lake recreation sites. …
  • Canyon Lake Marina Campground. …
  • Boulder Canyon Recreation Site. …
  • The Point Campground. …
  • Riverbound tip: Plan your next holiday or event at one of the many picnic areas with family or friends.

Can you fish at Espada Park?

Espada Park Lake

This scenic park is open from sunrise to sunset and is fantastic for bank fishing and picnicking.

What is there to do in San Antonio today?

Best things to do in San Antonio

  1. Pearl District. The Pearl District is one of San Antonio’s newest and most popular neighborhoods. …
  2. The River Walk. …
  3. San Antonio Museum of Art. …
  4. Ranger Creek Brewing and Distillery. …
  5. El Mercado. …
  6. McNay Art Museum. …
  7. Pearl Farmers Market. …
  8. Fiesta.