Field Expedient Early Warning Devices – DIY and Purchased Solutions

Jon and Charley show how to set up and use early warning devices that you can put together yourself. The idea of knowing someone is coming in and how to slow down potential intruders should be a part of your preps. They show us a homemade option, a DIY option and a store-bought option so there is something for every situation.

Project Enclosure (3x2x1-Inch)

Chassis-Mount Dual Female Binding Post

250VAC 2P SPST ON-OFF Rocker Switch

108dB Piezo Buzzer

Fully-Insulated 9V Battery Snap Connectors

22 AWG Stranded Copper Hook-Up Wire

Tarred Bank Line


Roxant Pro Mini LED Strobe Light

Motion Sensor Outlet Device

FITH OPS Perimeter Trip Alarm Video

FITH OPS Perimeter Trip Alarms

Alarm Signaling Device –

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Tips on What to Do in Cases of Fire Outbreak Caused by Natural and Propane Gas

Natural gas and propane are two of the flammable gases used at home. They can be very dangerous when it is not used with caution. Therefore, take these simple tips for you to know what to do in case of fire caused by these gases.

Fire Protection Systems Which Should Work at Sea and in Port

Following a serious fire which claimed the lives of three fishermen in Fraserburgh Harbour, the Marine Coastguard Agency have investigated the need for fire safety equipment to be as effective on boats when they are in harbour, as when they are at sea. Apparently, many smoke and fire alarms do not function as they should, whilst a boat is docked.

CPR For Children on the Playground

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is an emergency first-aid procedure used to get oxygen-rich blood to the heart and brain when a person’s breathing and heartbeat has stopped. “As a parent, it is absolutely imperative that you know how to perform CPR – it could save your child’s life!” “It really is best to attend a first aid course to acquire the necessary hands-on skills and learn the most up-to-date methods of CPR.

Pack a Bed – Pet Disaster Preparedness

If you are in hurricane country, you know the familiar watches and warnings that come up as a storm closes in. You also probably know what type of items you need to pack before you jump on that evacuation route and head to safer territory. The same goes for those who are in earthquake territory, tsunami zones or flood prone areas.

Home Hurricane Protection – What Are Your Options?

Home Hurricane Protection can take on many different forms. However, we are usually specifically talking about protecting doors and windows. The reason is that these are most vulnerable to the debris and strong winds created by hurricanes. To help combat these issues, various devices have been created to protect the windows and doors. These include hurricane shutters, storm panels, and impact windows. Each form can be very effective at providing home protection. Here, is a look at what each does best:

Hurricane Storm Shutters – What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Hurricane storm shutters can help protect your home from hurricanes. Their effectiveness should not be taken lightly and they should be strongly considered as an addition to your home. With the recent examples of Katrina and Ike, there should be ample evidence of the devastation hurricanes can cause to homes. For this reason, we believe you should take a long hard look at storm shutters. Here are few things you should know about them.

Hurricane Protection For Windows – 3 Key Tips to Protect Your Own

Hurricane Protection for windows is very important for homeowners. Hurricanes can wreak havoc on homes in a number of ways. Strong winds or debris can break windows causing damage to belongings inside. In addition, winds can actually enter the room and do damage to the roof by a lifting effect on the home. For these reasons, it is very good idea to take steps to safeguard your windows. Here, we suggest a few things we recommend all homeowners should do to keep their home safe:

Interventions That You Can Apply For People Who Have Scalds and Burns From Catching Flames Or Fire

Emergencies are situations that need an immediate response or intervention to avoid life threatening situations. You may be enjoying a careless and comfortable life today but somewhere in your place or even half way around the globe, people are being rushed to hospitals to prevent an impending death.

Co2 Fire Extinguisher – Your Fire-Stopper For Class B Rating of Fire

Remember to keep an eye on all types of cooking. If you love to cook, better keep extinguishers that is suitable for this fire. In this case, use CO2.

Fire Busters – Common Kitchen Supplies That You Can Use in the Absence of Extinguishers

We can use fire at all times but as much as possible we should use it with caution. However, if at times it cannot be controlled, the best way to is to use your kitchen supplies in lieu of extinguishers.

Fire Equipment – Common Items You Can Buy in Order to Fight Fire Accidents at Home

We can never tell when fire accidents can happen. With the aid of fire equipment, you can always be ready when this happens and fight it before it worsens.

Fire Blankets – Your Ultimate Equipment For Fighting Incipient Fires

Never neglect small-scale fires because they can easily turn big with the aid of the elements of fire (oxygen, combustible materials and heat). Therefore, when you see one almost on the verge of raging, use these blankets, as they are one of the most effective fire protection equipment you can use.

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