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Survival Planning for 2012

December 21, 2012, it is the ending of the cycle of Mayan long count calendar; in this calendar Mayan astronomers predicted that on this day, the world as we know it will end. They say that Mayan predicted that on this day huge volcanic eruptions, meteors and comets will hit the earth along with disastrous weather causing annihilation of mankind. These statements are accepted by some scholars, while others don’t.

Five Steps to Diversify Your Life and Assets in Uncertain Times

What makes anyone think a list of five steps can radically alter a person’s life and assets? Well, it might be because the five suggested steps form a basic structure that can be followed upon and expanded as time and circumstances change. Basic significant changes can influence all other decisions and the sooner action is taken, the faster the benefits will occur. And the results are even better if the diversification falls outside the geographical limits of your country of citizenship.

The Need for a Disaster Preparedness Plan

With the ever increasing efficiency in the digitalization of our planet and now mobile computing, we see the world shrinking in terms of communication, travel, medical advancements, social networking, multinational economies, and the ever expanding military industrial complexes. While our planet continues to endure the ferocity of mother earth in a variety of expressions (floods, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, solar flares, climate change, etc) our technological advancements are at the root of self imposed scenarios which find us today: fraudulent banking, the demise of the dollar, the crashing of our economy, possible civil unrest, the suspension of our civil liberties, and…

Relaxed Awareness: A Key To Survival

Relaxed awareness is a level of situational awareness that can be practiced by everyone whenever they are away from home. Learning how to do it and practicing it will greatly increase your chances of survival when you encounter emergency situations.

Emergency Supply Kits – Creating the Best Emergency Supply Kit

Emergency supply kits are undoubtedly important for survival in several situations. Some of the supplies kits are basic and include common and most usable articles, such as eye-pads, bandages, sterilized sponges, scissors, tweezers, painkillers, disinfectant, anti-septic lotion, instruction manual, and some other items.

Taking The SMSTS Course

There is an increasing demand for companies to step up their safety measures these days. It’s a good thing, actually, as companies will be in a position to ensure that all their employees and personnel are in a safe environment, and in case of any emergency, there will not be any harm done to the people inside the company’s building.

Have a Preparedness Kit Ready For When Natural Disasters Strike

Just because you have all the tools needed does not mean you have the knowledge on how to use them and what to do. There are any number of things that can go wrong during travels, but being prepared broth mentally and physically as well has having a soil plan can make the dangers associated with traveling nothing to worry about.

Making Survival Fun For Kids

Children naturally want to be part of their parents’ preparedness and survival experience. They see how important it is to you… all you have to do is make it fun so that they will be eager to learn.

What Should A Survival Kit Include?

A survival kit is a collection of items put in a container that will help you to take care of you until help arrives. Most survival kits that can be bought online contain items to help you be prepared for 72 hours. These kits contain water, food, shelter,first aid, communication, hygiene kits, and other supplies. These kits or collection of items can be saved in many type containers such as boxes, backpacks, fanny packs and suit case as well as other easy to carry or shelter in place locations. I always tell my clients two things are going to happen if they are faced with a emergency, they will either have to shelter in place or evacuate. In either case they need to have at least 3 days of supplies for each member of the family and any pets, which are sometimes forgotten about. My favorite is the backpack it allows you top add additional personal items such as clothes, shoes, medicine, important documents, cash money and other personal items. It is important to keep your kits in a location that everyone in your family knows about and can be easily accessed.

Emergency Medical Treatment for Children

Sometimes little children may get caught in cross fires. Or there may be times when children stray into combat zone and may get injured. In such cases, medics and rescuers should have the right pediatric emergency medical supplies to treat small children.

Stroke – Recognizing and Responding

A guide to recognizing the signs of a stroke. Includes an explanation of why immediate medical attention is so important for decreasing the effects of a stroke.

First Aid – How To Treat Burns

Most burns are not medical emergencies and can be treated easily. Burns that cause the skin to be red, painful and swell are called superficial burns.

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