Emergency Action Plans for your Family

Sootch chats about how to set up an action plan for your family in case of a personal emergency or SHTF situation. Getting input from your family can help them feel invested in the plan and having everyone on the same page is vital to your success.

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Survival and Emergency

Many current household terms such as the global warming, floods and the intensification in the sea levels were not as common as they are today. Although I am amongst the people who are skeptical regarding many happenings that are reported by the media, even I would not term the environmental catastrophes such as the hurricanes, seismic activities, and twisters reported by the media as a method of enhancement of their channels ratings or their newspapers, as these happenings are a reality that is showing an escalation in the regularity of its occurrence. It seems as if things are going to get worse with the passage of time.

Surviving Terrorism – Protecting Your Family

Terrorism is on the rise. A few years ago I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what the word meant to me. But today with so much violence in the world the word Terrorism can’t be avoided. The real question is, If it happens to you how do you survive it?

PAT Testing Could Have Helped Prevent a Fire That Shut a Hospital Ward Down

Following the fire in a hospital last year where Health officials had to close the intensive care unit for several day’s because of an electrical fault. It brings to mind the benefits of ensuring that all equipment is Pat tested by a certified PAT Testing company.

The Fallacy of Man Vs Wild

Most people have at one time or other viewed the popular Discovery channels Man vs. Wild TV program. Bear Grylls is the hardened adventurer which once served with the British Army’s Special Air Service where he received instructions as in the field of survival expert. The man appears to be very knowledgeable in his field however several things he does can be down right dangerous.

Emergency Survival Kits Can Save Lives

Emergency survival kits should be found in every home. In addition, you should have one in your vehicle as well, especially if you are planning any extended driving trips.

Importance of First Aid Kits

Everyone must be aware of the necessity of a first aid kit in their home and car. Businesses corporations must have first aid kits with necessary first aid supplies, located somewhere in their facility. If the building is large, they should have first aid kits in each section.

Why You Should Take Food Storage Survival Seriously

It seems like every day you hear about another disaster somewhere in the world. People have died from hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural or man made disasters over the years. With the threat of terrorism increasingly on our minds, many have begun to think about preparing their family for such disasters.

Be Prepared For You and Your Loved Ones Survival During Times of Emergencies

If forced to evacuate, do you have a survival kit prepared and ready to go? Just how would you prepare for an emergency? There are at least four essential basics you need to survive for at least 72 hours. No matter where you live or what you are doing, emergencies can will happen. Ensure you have a survival kits for a minimum of 72 hours. It takes at least 72 hours before professional help arrives.

Fresno Flooding – How to Deal With the Damage

Like many counties in northern and central California, Fresno County relies on a system of levees to hold back floodwaters. However, FEMA recently revised its flood maps. In Fresno County, most of the existing levees were not certified to withstand a 100-year flood event.

Water Damage & Solano County Flooding

If you live in Solano County, it’s imperative that you are aware of the flood potential and understand the risks. The wet months run from November through April. During these months, you are more likely to experience flooding.

Surviving Hurricanes by Using Government Manuals

It is crucial that in the event that a hurricane strikes your city and state that you are properly prepared to take care of yourself and your family. By prepared I mean having the necessary knowledge that would enable your family to survive this ordeal. Specific skills are necessary if you plan to make this happen since you can not rely upon luck or outside help – You must learn to help yourself!

Fire Prevention

Losing a loved one, belongings, or even a home is devastating. But losing it to a fire over something that is so preventable is incomprehensible. Is it worth any amount of money to just stop and look things over before you walk out the door for the day or go to bed?

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