Easy Deploy Paracord Pouch

Paracord – A Quick And Easy Way To Tame The Tangle!

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Meals Ready to Eat – For the Survivalist Connoisseur

Meals ready to eat, more commonly known as MREs are a self-contained field ration developed for the members of the US military. The lightweight packages are designed to provide service personnel with survival food when organized cooking and dining facilities are unavailable such as times the soldiers are on field maneuvers.

3 Reasons to Buy Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

If you have ever participated in a fire drill or if you have ever been in a real fire emergency, you would know that during a fire outbreak, every second counts. Time is of great value that even a few tiny seconds can spell the difference between life and death. Manufacturers of fire extinguishers are also well aware of this fact. This is why, they strive to make innovations on fire safety devices that will contribute to the convenience and ease of use of the product.

Your Ultimate Guide on Water Fire Extinguishers

If you rank fire extinguishers according to age, the water fire extinguisher would probably be the oldest among all of them. This extinguisher, which makes use of the oldest discovered extinguishing agent, remains to be one of the most popular tools for fighting fire even though there are more high-tech fire extinguishers that are available in the market today.

Car Fire Extinguisher – Don’t Leave Home Without it

Most people are content with having fire extinguishers in their homes and office without realising that there is still another place where they need to install this reliable fire safety device. The car is also a place that requires fire extinguisher installation. Car owners should be aware that the vehicle may also be prone to fire accidents and that they need the right fire extinguisher to prevent damage and injuries that may be brought about by this kind of incident.

How to Stay Fit For Defense!

Now being fit is something I believe is truly necessary. I don’t mean you have to be pumped up like Arnold, but you do need some sort of physical fitness if you plan on keeping yourself safe from would be attackers. So here is what I offer.

Your Home Should Be Prepared For Natural Disaster Before it Hits You

If you own a property, it is important for you to secure your home or building from any type of natural disasters. True, cataclysmic events such as fire flood earthquake, tornado, hurricane or other types of natural calamities may have a fat chance of happening to you. But many people disregarded the damages it can inflict to their property until it hits them.

Know Where You Stand During a Catastrophic Emergency

Have you seen 2012? If not, you should definitely take the time to go see it for two reasons. One, it is a very enjoyable sci-fi thriller which is well worth watching and two, it will open your eyes to the mere truth of where exactly do you stand in times of catastrophic emergency.

Vehicle Safety Tips For Women

One of the key places that women can find themselves most vulnerable to attack is while getting into or out of their vehicle. With a little prudent behavior on your part, you can lower your odds of ever being attacked this way even more.

Is Carrying a Personal Alarm Worth It?

It is sad but many people do not see the benefits to carrying a personal alarm, especially for women, senior citizens and even children. I can personally think of more than just a few circumstances where an inexpensive personal alarm could easily be used to save your very life.

Why Buying a Second Hand Car Fire Extinguisher is Not a Good Idea

Just like most material possessions in this world, a car fire extinguisher does not last a lifetime. Sadly, no matter how much you would want your trusted and reliable extinguisher to give you a lifelong service, this fire safety device only has a limited lifespan. When it reaches its expiration date, or when you notice that there are defects and damages to the extinguisher (deteriorated seals, valves and levers, corroded canisters and weakened body seams), you need to replace it. Most people who want to save money consider getting a second-hand extinguisher. However, if you want to ensure excellent performance and reliability, you have to know that buying a used fire safety device is not a good idea.

Protecting Your Business and Financial Documents With a Fire Safe

When you are engaged in a business, you probably know the importance of business -related documents that you need to refer to on a regular basis. Thus, there is a need to keep these documents using an effective storage system. Storing all of these documents makes for effective management.

Old Water Fire Extinguishers – Repair Or Replace?

No matter how long you would want your water fire extinguishers to stay with you, there will come a point where you would need to say goodbye. As you probably know, the contents of non-gaseous extinguishers corrode the inside of the canister. Stresses caused by the highly pressurised contents can cause the body seams to weaken. This is particularly true for extinguishers that are not properly maintained.

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