DIY – WorkSharp Field Sharpener – Best Knife Sharpening System for Bug Out Bag / Hunting / Camping

Here’s the BEST Compact Knife Sharpening System I’ve Found for Knives and Tools in the Field for Bug Out/ Camping/ Hunting and Survival – Discover the Easy Way to Sharpen Fine, Serrate or Recurve Edged Blades in the Field with THE Multi-Tool of Field Sharpeners that I Have Used for Nearly 2 Years Now.

In this Knife Sharpening BootCamp video… We’ll Take a Look at the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1 – (WSGFS221) in this Full Review and “How to” Tutorial / Instructional Video.

I’ll show you how to field sharpen – to razor sharp – just about any blade with this best in class tool. And you’ll be sharpening serrated, fine, recurve and convex blades in the field with confidence and in no time flat.

Come on… Let’s Get Started…


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Here Are Links to ALL the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1 – WSGFS221:

Work Sharp – Electric – WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener:

Lansky 4-Rod Turn Box Crock Stick / Field Sharpener – LCD5D:

Lansky Universal Guided Sharpening Kit – LKUNV:

DMT DuoSharp Plus Diamond Bench Stone Sharpener – WM8EF-WB:

Round Puck Sharpener for Hatchets / Axes and Machetes:

Canvas for Protecting Work Sharp Tool:

Mineral Oil – to Soften Strop:


Smith and Wesson Homeland Security:

Freeman Outdoor Gear Model 451:



David’s Favorite (Cheap) Work Gloves:

David’s Favorite Neck Knife (He’s Wearing it in this Video):

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Here’s the AUDIO and VIDEO Gear that David and the Team Use to Shoot Our Videos:


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CRKT Paracord Bracelet Tool:

Zippo Emergency Firestarter:

Hedge Hog Leatherworks Survival Sheath:

OKC Blackbird SK5 Survival Knife:

Bear Grylls Survival Card Tool:

Smart Firearms – Training Pistol:

SOG Kiku:

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New ESSE Camp-Lore Bushcraft Knife:

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Mykel Hawke Interview:

Paracord / Survival / Bushcraft Hatchet

Zippo Woodsman 4-in-1 Camp Tool:

Self Defense Case for iPhone and Samsung:

Buck Marksman EDC / Tactical Folder:–ApI

David on the Range – a Firearms Blitz:


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