DIY – Camping / Survival Compass Kit – 7 Items You Need – For Wilderness Navigation

DIY Kit INSIDE! Discover 7 BEST Compass / Survival Kit GEAR Items for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Backpacking, Adventures, Bug Out Bags and Emergency Use. You May NEVER Get LOST again. Enjoy!

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GEAR SHOWN in Video…


Navigation Cards:

Fine Point Permanent Pen:

Grid Note Cards:

Neck Lanyard (to Hold Your Kit):


Break-Away Necklace Clasps:

Topo Map Books:

Zip Lock Bags:

Waterproof Map Holder:

Great Compass and Land Nav Book:


LINKS to Craig’s Land Navigation Videos:

Before You RELY on You Compass App – Watch THIS:

Compass 101 – Terms You NEED to Know:


David’s GEAR and GEAR Used Making This (and OTHER video):

Video Camera Stuff…
– CAMERA #1(the one MOSTLY used in Video):
– Our NEWEST CAMERA (4K Awesomeness):
– MY Favorite CAMERA:
– MY Favorite VLOG and Night Vision Camera:

VIDEO Editing Stuff We Use…
My MAIN Editing Computer:
My NEW – Field Editing Computer:
Our STUDIO Editing Computer:
Our Video Editing Software:

David’s Personal Gear…
– MOTORCYCLE (1994 Version):

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Survival / Bug Out Bag – 22 lb:

DIY Bow Drill Fires Made Easy – Part 1:

Leatherman Signal – Survival Multi-Tool:

Beretta Nano Pocket Pistol Review:

Survival Sling Shot – Sling Bow – Wars – Ep. 1:

Survival Food – Hunting – Cook Kit:

ApocaBox Survival Kit:

Field Sharpening Made Easy:

Ultimate Paracord Belt:

NEW! Survival Saw Showdown:

NEW! Survival Bug Out Water Kit:

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Emergency Hammer – Get Out Alive!

The Emergency Hammer becomes a real life saver in a car accident for the average driver. Auto safety has improved over the years increasing the survival rate of drivers and their passengers. As survival increases so has the need for the Life Hammer. This is because of all the new safety designs.

Where to Store Your Survival Kit – Choose Life When Disaster Strikes

Any type of disaster can strike at any time and because help may be some time away you need to be prepared. Most people will have a survival kit of sorts. But serious consideration needs to be given to where you store your kit.

Survival Gear to Help You Survive a Fight

It can be hard to have to defend yourself on the fly, making preparedness a necessary by-word. Some of the best survival gear is the simpler gear, and some of it is even legal, even if it not for that use in particular. Pepper spray and blow horns are always pretty safe bets, as they can at least distract an attacker and give you that extra second or two to decide on how to take him down or run away. A roll of quarters is the old standby; not only can it help you pay for a ride out of the situation, but it is the basic fist load. For the same reason, old keys can be useful; they are never suspected of adding extra damage to a punch until they are actually used. Not quite fitting the pattern, but useful in its own right is an energy bar, as it can help balance you after a fight-or-flight response. By the same token, a pre-paid credit card is always nice, as it can be loaded up almost anywhere and gives you emergency funds anywhere you can use a credit or debit card.

Are You Thinking That It May Be a Good Idea to Store Some Food?

In light of the goings on in the world, you are probably right. Whether it is the price of oil going up which will in turn raise the price of everything else, let’s put some more aside now, or seeing the empty store shelves in Georgia and Oklahoma during storms this winter, it just makes sense. World food shortages are a common headline in Europe the past month and the U.N. is also warning of coming shortages.

Wilderness Survival Gear Guide

Wilderness survival gear encompasses many facets of maintaining a level of security while out in the elements. Which backpack, tent, sleeping bag and clothing you choose can make all the difference in the world when actually utilizing these items in nature. With comparative research, you will be able to procure the proper equipment best suited to your wilderness survival needs.

Extreme Survival Gear Guide

Earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and floods are all scenarios that come to mind when thinking of extreme conditions to survive in, especially if caught out of doors when they occur. Other situations that may require extreme survival gear are war, famine, and wilderness survival. Obviously you cannot set up an appointment in your day planner for when these events will occur. But what you can do is arm yourself with the proper knowledge and correct gear that in the event these disasters may happen, you will be as ready as possible.

Viewpoints On Survival Packages For Disaster Preparation

Survival kit is composed of the essential equipments and resources set ahead of time as a support to overcome any circumstance that a person can possibly face. Examples of those that carry survival kits most of the time are lifeboats, military planes, and space ships.

Lets Learn About the Role of First Aid in Disaster Management Projects

In the present era emphasis is laid on imparting knowledge to students across various verticals. An integral part of the educational curriculum are the assignments and the projects assigned to the students to develop them into responsible citizens. Some of the assignments are based on the real life experiences. One such project that made waves last year was on ” Pocket Guide on First Aid”.

Types of Stun Guns

If you are living in a place full of threats or you are always in a risky area, it is always an advantage for you if you do know a little bit of self-defense so you can protect yourself in times of trouble. However, learning the basics of self-defense might take some time.

Pet Survival Kit

Amid storing food, reading survival books and making other emergency preparations, it’s easy to forget about making a plan for your pet. But if a collapse has happened, you want your pet to be taken care of so you can concentrate on other things. Most people assume their pets can just eat human food, but animals have different nutritional needs. And there other considerations besides food. Here are a few items to gather.

20 Skills You Can Trade After “The End of the World”

People sometimes forget that the smallest and most convenient storage space is in their own heads. If you find yourself in the midst of a disaster and you need to either build or fix something, having the knowledge and experience already in your mind will hugely benefit your ability to survive. And if there’s something you need from your neighbors but you’re not willing to trade any of your supplies, you could do some work for them in exchange.

What to Put in Your Vehicle Survival Kit

Disasters often occur with little or no warning: earthquakes, terrorism, tornadoes, etc. That’s why it’s wise to have a vehicle survival kit in case you’re stranded somewhere eventually or forced to evacuate the area.

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