DIY – Build YOUR Own Ultimate Survival Kit – Pocket Survival Kit Showdown #1 – David vs. Dr. Joe

Build Your Own Pocket Survival Kit as David & Dr. Joe go Toe to Toe to See Who Has the Ultimate, DIY, Pocket Survival Kit. Learn exactly what you need in YOUR pocket survival kit to be prepared for an emergency, disaster or survival situation.

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Trash Bag – Scavenge Home

Stainless Steel Pen


Pocket New Testament


Snare Wire

Emergency Blanket

Zip / Cable Ties – 8 inches

6″x4″ Plastic Milk Jug Side – Cut from Milk Jug

Victorinox Swiss Card – Credit Card Sized Multi-Purpose Tool

Sewing Kit

Pro Knot Cards

Duct Tape – 20′ Rolled Small

Signal Mirror

Fishing Kit

Bear Grylls Micro Torch / Flashlight

SOG Knife Sharpener / Firestarter

Button Compass

Swiss Army Knife

Emergency Whistle

Pencil – Collect at Home

Note Card – Collect at Home

Survival Saw

Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide – Free with any Gerber Bear Grylls Gear Purchase

Bar of Soap – Save from Hotel on Your Next Stay

Water Purification Tablets

Self Standing 1 Liter Bag

Coffee Filter – Scavenge from Home



Magnesium Fire Starter

Tinder Quick (Cotton Balls with a Dab of Petroleum Jelly will Do)

Matches and Striker

12″ x 12″ Aluminum Foil Square – Scavenge from Home

FIRST AID – This kit has about everything you need. Buying individual items is TOO expensive

Assorted Bandages
Alcohol Prep Pads
Wash n Dri Packs
Gauze Pads
Antibiotic Salve
Medical Tape – Small Roll
Tweezers – Scavenge from Home
Safety Pins – Scavenge from Home

Quart Size Freezer Bags – Scavenge from Home
Small Zip Seal Bags – Scavenge from Home

LAST but not least…

Silica Gel Pack – I save the ones that come with new products but you can purchase them also…

Silica Gel is a desiccant – and absorbs moisture from condensation and changes in humidity, so it will keep things bone dry in a small sealed container – like a quart sized zip lock bag.


Orange Flagging Tape

Black Electrical Tape

Water Purification Straw


Magnesium Fire Starter


Wax Firestarter Rods

Extra Fine Steel Wool


Compact Mirror


Survival Whistle, Compass, Cordage and “Aspirin” Container

Survival Cards – Lee Nading – OUT of PRINT – BIG Bummer!!!!

Survival Blanket


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