DIY – BEST Survival FIRE Kit – Bug Out / Camping / EDC / Emergencies

11 Piece Ultimate Survival Fire Kit – You Can Make at Home! – Check out this NEW Waterproof, Survival Fire Kit – EDC – YOU Can Build and Take with You Anywhere! This Fire Kit has 3 Sources of Ignition and Tinder to keep you alive. Great for camping, hunting, survival, emergencies, bug out bags, get home bags and for including in other emergency or survival kits. Check it out…

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Witz Waterproof Case:

Cotton Balls

Petroleum Jelly

Triple Antibiotic

Zip Seal Bag – Small


Duct Tape

UCO Waterproof Matches

Wet Fire

Magnesium Fire Starter


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Survival Food Supplies

There will be times unfortunately that people will find themselves in emergency situations. These situations usually occur due to tragic events. These events can happen due to vehicle accidents, inclement weather, or accidents such as getting lost in the woods.

Survival Kits – Making Sure You’re Prepared

This time of year is a good one for going over your survival kit and action plan. Winter in many parts of the country can make getting out to buy needed groceries impossible. Most of us have at least one potential natural disaster facing us, so preparation is key to surviving well.

Where to Store Your Emergency Home Food Storage

Need help to figure out where to store your emergency food storage? Here are a few suggestions and guidelines to follow.

Emergency Disaster Survival Kits – Suggestions – Beyond Commercially Prepared Disaster Survival Kits

I can’t tell you what you should have in your emergency survival kit. What I can do is give you an Idea of what you might need in an extended disaster kit. These are some things that are not customarily part of a lower end emergency preparedness kit.

Double Trouble Stun Gun – Don’t Want No Trouble Now, Ya Hear?

If the Double Trouble stun gun was a sheriff in an old western town it would be the strong, confident type that didn’t take no riff-raff from no hornswoggler. He’d just stare at the bad guys with that steely gaze and the criminals would just hot foot it out of town lessen they wanted to tangle with the meanest, fiercest most rottin’-tootinest’ sheriff in the land.

Build A Basic 3 Day Survival Kit

Are you prepared for the end of the world? How about just an average garden variety disaster? You need to have a survival kit prepared just in case. This article will pump you up and show you how easy it is to put together an emergency kit so you can sleep better at night.

What Will You Eat When Disaster Strikes?

Depending on where you live, you may be more or less concerned with natural disasters. For anybody who has experienced a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, it’s probably always at the back of their mind. For others who have been blessed by living in areas that haven’t seen serious disasters lately, they likely don’t worry about it much.

Freeze Dried Meals for Emergencies

Freeze dried meals are an excellent choice for long-term food storage and emergency preparedness. Lightweight, nutritious, easy to store, and flavorful, they are made with cutting edge technology to address an age-problem: saving food today for future needs.

And Yet Another Survival Kit

No one can deny that a survival kit can be one of the most important assets which you can take with you when there is a crisis at hand. These kits are usually planned and created to ensure your safety and well being when you are un-expectantly traveling far from your survival retreat. Naturally, the key factor here is that you should make sure your kit is the best that you can create for your location as well as the time of the year. A well balanced survival kit should be a custom creation which would contain all the necessary survival items that you personally will need.

Start Your Medical Library Today

You may be asking yourself what other medical survival books you would need other then a good First Aid Manual. The answer is many more then you likely already have. Good survival reference books are hard to come by and good survival medical books are even harder. Regardless of how difficult they are to find a survival medical library is vital when the usual doctors or emergency rooms are no longer at our disposal. Naturally the level of the books that you select will be according to your abilities.

Being Truly Ready for a Disaster

People simply never give a thought to the idea that major disasters can happen in their home town. When they do occur they continue to wait for the government to step in and help them out of the situation. They look to either their local or federal government for the essentials of life – food, water and supplies, unfortunately they don’t always get them.

The Influence of Inflation on the Survival Budget

The largest effect that we will experience with runaway inflation is going to be the elevated costs that we encounter when purchasing our foods. I have noticed in my own part of the nation that the local farmers have quickly come to realize that they can make a better return for their efforts if they sell their corn to the bio-fuel manufactures as opposed to using their crops for human consumption. When considering the increased costs which have trickled down to the farmer with the higher then normal energy prices we simply can not hold it against them for wanting to make the best of their time and investments.

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