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Disaster Relief Tents: Do You Know Their Benefits?

Disaster management can grow exponentially in some cases where the correct tools are not available to help the victims. It is important that the basics of life- shelter, food, water, and medical facilities be made accessible to the areas suffering from natural or man-made disasters, as soon as possible. While the food and water have to be arranged for the victims, it is important that the temporary shelters set up as fast as possible.

Making a Wise Choice in Long Term Survival Food

Emergency or survival kits should obviously include food. Not just any other food, but foods which are typically ready-to-eat and practical for on-the-go situations. One of the most well-known companies that specialize in manufacturing and selling pre-made foods for emergency purposes is Wise Foods, Inc.

Getting Started on Being Prepared For 5 Days After an Emergency or Natural Disaster

Most authorities you read about or see these days talk about being prepared for emergencies or natural disasters for 3 days. But think about it, how long it will take them to get to every person, home, or business. Not to mention, making sure the agencies themselves are up and running.

Giving a Helping Hand

We often encounter situations were we attempt to do the right thing but in the process we inadvertently endanger our family or friends. As compassionate individuals we frequently have a very naive perspective towards human nature when confronted with a crisis and as a result we can and do choose the wrong course of action. It is highly likely that in our desires to help our fellow man we could end up not just in a dangerous situation but possibly dead.

Prepare a Personal First Aid Kit for Pets

If you are like most pet owners, your pets are valued members of your family. It is a documented fact that many have risked life and limb to save their precious pets during a disaster. Statistically, however, it is more often small cuts and scrapes that occur that require immediate attention, rather than major disasters such as an earthquake or flood. For this reason, every pet owner should have easy access to a first aid kit specifically created for pets

Are You Prepared To Survive A Landslide?

Landslides are the sudden, massive and ominous fall of mud, rocks and debris from a higher area down to settle in lower levels. The massive land movements are usually triggered by heavy rain fall resulting in the softening of the soil. But, landslides have also happened with very light or no rain at all.

Food Storage for Hyperinflation

If and when hyperinflation occurs food is going to skyrocket in price and become scarce to find. You must have food and fresh drinking water to survive. You should create at minimum a six month emergency supply of food for your family before such an economic crisis hits America or Europe. Your food supply needs to be stored in a safe environment so it will get your family through the hard times destined to come. Below explained in detail is an emergency preparedness plan with an option for food storage. This will allow you to get started setting everything up for your family right now.

An Integral Part of Survival Gear: Honey Buckets

In planning for emergencies and purchasing survival gear, one phrase dominates my thinking…. “What if….?” What if the electric power goes off? What if there’s an earthquake or tornado? What if…what if?

Flood Survival: What Everyone Should Know

Flooding is something that every country in the world is familiar with. This is why basic flood survival should be known by everyone. Indeed, it has been a problem that we keep on seeing close to us, or in some far off place. We see a lot of news on flooding disasters that have claimed lives and property. Due to the hydrological cycle, we can’t seem to get rid of all of the water as it is being recycled through rain, evaporation and storms.

The Changes That Will Make Us Survivors

I one hundred percent agree in today’s world we should be prepared for everything. I don’t know if people realize how severe it could be for us at any given time. It scares me a little when my children go on trips even though I have tried to prepare them for many different scenarios.

Reasons to Prepare – Don’t Wait, It Will Be Too Late

This end can come from many sources. All a person has to do is watch the news, read the paper, or just look at an online current events site. There is always some event being thrown at us that has some potential cataclysmic outcome. I am sure that is why some people even avoid the new all together. The barrage of evidence is obvious and now is the time to take note and get ready for the inevitable.

Natural Remedies for the Common Cold – A Preppers Guide

How to deal with a common cold in a world without drug stores. Natural remedies for colds. How to treat and prevent a cold through natural remedies.

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