Covert EDC Survival Knife from Schrade – Review – Best new $30 Survival Knife?

Could the Schrade SCHF14 be one of the best Sub-$40 EDC Fixed Blade Knives? You decide…

If you have a limited budget and want a smaller fixed blade EDC knife that can stand up to about anything you can throw at it… you may want to take a look at the NEW Schrade SCHF14 Knife. Check out my FULL Review Here…

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As Promised… Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

Schrade SCHF14 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife:

Schrade SCHF15 Fine Edge Tanto Knife:

Schrade SCHF11 Fine Edge – Recurve Tanto Blade:

Schrade SCHF12 Fine Edge – Recurve Tanto Blade:

Schrade SCHF13 Fine Edge Drop Point – Round Handle:

SOG Seal Pup – Tactical Knife:

Mora Companion:

Bear Grylls Paracord Knife:

SOG Tangle Paracord Knife:

TOPS Shadow Rider – Survival / Bushcraft Knife:

Here’s Link to My Knife Sharpening Bootcamp Training:
2 Cent Sharpening Trick :
The Key to a Shaving Sharp Knife:
Knife Stropping – Key to a Razor Sharp Blade:


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Surviving 2012 – Who Will Be Left Behind?

Earthquakes in Haiti, tsunamis in South East Asia, Hurricanes and now a massive volcanic eruption in Iceland are only a few of many natural disasters in the last few years. Freak coincidences or the sign of something completely different and very frightening?

What to Consider When Preparing For a Disaster

It’s important to plan for disasters. Learn some personal areas of preparation that you should focus on now.

How Much Radiation Can You Take?

Just because the Cold War is over doesn’t mean that the danger of radiation is any less. In the post apocalypse world survivors can be exposed to radiation in many forms, the most obvious is fallout from a nuclear weapon, but other less obvious forms can be from radioactive waste bound for an underground storage facility, a dirty bomb from a terrorist attack, or the radiation emitted from a nuclear power plant on meltdown like Chernobyl. Radiation for the most part is colorless, tasteless, and has no scent, other then fallout which has a dusty snow like appearance and the obvious signs such as containers marked as being radioactive

Don’t Rely on the Government in Disasters, Or in a Crisis

While many people are worried about the direction the US is heading and past actions from government in economic crisis’s or disasters. There are now groups of people who do not trust government and some of these people have taken that one step further.

Who Will Survive 2012? – Will You Live Or Die?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the 2012 prophecy and now you are understandably worried with growing concerns that this ‘crazy’ stuff, might actually be true. I don’t blame you. We are in a time of unprecedented natural disasters, war and governments that do everything they can pull the wool over our eyes. We all want to know what is going on and if this thing is real. I am going to break it down and tell you just how you should prepare. Who will survive 2012?

2012 Survival Guide – How to Make it Out Alive!

Everyone not living under a rock has heard the different doomsday predictions about 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Many people are expecting the end of the world as we know it, while others see the date 21’st December 2012 as the dawn of a new age of heightened consciousness. The Mayan calendar ends on December 21’st 2012 and many people believe that this means that a catastrophic event will happen and wipe out the human race for good.

How to Survive 2012 – Are You Prepared?

The world is going to end in 2012; or is it? The predicted doomsday of the Mayan calendar is two years away and the signs of the end of the world seem to be coming from everywhere: Earthquakes, tsunamis and unexplainable natural disasters. The question on many people’s minds right now is: How to survive 2012?

What Will Happen in 2012? Are You Ready?

More and more people have come to hear about the 2012 doomsday predictions based on the ancient Mayan calendar. Unfortunately the signs are all there: Massive earthquakes, tidal waves and tsunamis and strange unexplainable weather. Can we trust the government when they tell us that all these natural disasters are simply coincidences? Why is the US government preparing FEMA internment camps all over the country then? 2012 could be the end of human civilization as we know it or it could be nothing more than hysteria.

Earthquake Kits – A Checklist For Family Safety

Earthquake kits or survival kits should be an integral part of your family emergency and evacuation plan. Recent major earthquakes in California, Sumatra, and Haiti have made the public more aware of the fact that we are not prepared for catastrophic events.

Crisis Situations Require Careful Risk Management Planning

In the event of any crisis, no matter how large or small, there is always a very good chance that it will generate some interest from the local, national or even international media. This can lead to some very serious negative impacts on the organisation facing the crisis as they focus their efforts on trying to resolve the situation.

What Are Some Good Disaster Foods to Have For Emergencies?

It is good practice to store some food at home in case of emergencies. Learn about some foods that are easy to store that will give you needed calories and nutrition.

Emergency Preparation For Child Drownings

Every year 6,000 to 8,000 people drown in the United States alone. Many victims are children who can drown in any body of water.

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