Body Armor and Plate Carriers

Bill Quirk discusses body armor including soft and hard plates, protection levels (IIA, III, IIIA, and IV), materials (poly, steel, ceramic, etc.), weight and thickness, energy transfer and spalling/coating, and carrier options. He also gives recommendations on what to look for and how to find what works best for you. Watch now to learn all there is to know about body armor plates and carriers. Also, Big Daddy Unlimited now carries Phalanx Defense Systems IIIA pistol and III+ rifle-rated hard plates!

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Are You Ready If a Disaster Struck Today? Don’t Wait Until Last Minute to Prepare!

This article will show you why it is imperative that we prepare in case a disaster strikes. Some of of the basic things to get are food, a solar panel if possible, water filters. But do you know where you can find it?

Tips to Purchasing an Orange Safety Vest

Wearing an orange safety vest late at night is an excellent way to make yourself visible to others on the road as the last thing you would want is to get hit by a car. The following are tips to helping you make the purchase and what factors to take into consideration before you buy.

Why You Should Own an Orange Safety Vest

Each year, there are countless numbers of pedestrian related accidents in which drivers were unable to see them until it was too late to take corrective action. The following are additional reasons as to why you should own an orange safety vest.

Hi Vis Jacket – A First Line of Defense

A Hi Vis jacket is vital if you work in the outdoor environments, as danger is lurking around just about every corner. Working on roadways, you can often find tractor-trailers, cars, and trucks racing by workers within inches of where they stand.

Mouth-to-Mouth CPR on a Stranger – Would You Do it?

Mouth-to-Mouth CPR scares a lot of people. Here is a way to help save someone’s life without endangering yourself.

Automobile Safety – Emergencies

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of accidental deaths. Anyone who drives a car or other vehicle is exposing himself or herself to unavoidable dangers, but it is important to realize that many accidents can be prevented by taking simple safety precautions.

Finding the Pattern of Counterbalancing Quakes Will Help in Earthquake Prediction

Those that are doing earthquake prediction still are not looking over the fracturing pattern of the whole surface of the earth. A map of all quake activity world wide needs to be kept and monitored at all times and studied with locations and dates compared to find the pattern of counterbalancing.

Putting Together an Emergency Survival Kit For Your Home

It is impossible to know when a disaster, either natural or man-made, is going to hit close to home. However it is possible to prepare for the worst before it actually happens by creating an emergency survival kit for your home and family.

Creating a Personal Survival Keychain

Everyone knows the importance of being prepared in case of emergency. There are many websites and articles on setting up emergency kits for your home and car, but what if you’re walking around and suddenly find yourself in trouble? The answer is to create a personal survival keychain; a collection of mini-sized emergency supplies always available at your fingertips. This article will take you step-by-step through the making of a personal emergency keychain.

Creating an Emergency Survival Kit For Your Car

It is critical that you keep an emergency survival kit for your vehicle. The gear you will need for the kit includes items to help get you back on the road, stay warm, safe and healthy, items to get you noticed but other vehicles and the assorted gear that everyone should have when stuck in a car.

How Long Could You Survive If You Were Stranded Inside Your Home?

If a natural disaster like Katrina, or a terrorist attack like the World Trade Center, or a pandemic hit today and you were stranded inside your home, how long could you survive? Think about how you would manage without electricity or clean water? How much food do you have on hand? Could you shut off your utilities if they posed a hazard or malfunctioned?

Manual Vs Automatic Fire Extinguishers – Which is Better?

Looking for firefighting devices for your office is not actually that hard. All you have to do is go online, look for a dealer, visit their site or store and you are done. You can choose away. But if that whole process is that simple, you would have to wonder why some people find the need to consult some authorities and see some shops before they actually decide on buying.

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