Bic Lighter Mods – Upgrade Your EDC In Seconds!

Jon shows a great option for carrying a fire system in your EDC. With a few modifications, you can increase your ability to create fire if you’re in a cold or wet situation.

Tinder Quik Fire Starters

BIC Lot of 5 Mini Multi-Colour Lighter

Gaffers Tape

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Fire Blankets – Types and Uses

Many people will attest to the usefulness of fire blankets. During small fires and emergencies, it is likely that you will be hearing the need for these as initial remedies. The main purpose of this fire equipment is to save endangered lives or lessen injuries. That is why it is crucial to know relative information regarding this equipment. To begin with, these fire-preventive materials come in different types. There are ones made from fiberglass, fiber or coated wool, which are treated to become fire-resistant. These materials are said to be effective in counteracting grease fires and other types of fires.

Fire Safety – Important Tips

Current statistics of deaths and injuries, in relation to fires proves to be alarming. In countries like the United Kingdom, an increasing number of people affected by losses and fatal injuries are being reported and accounted for each year. This is in line with smoking, faulty wiring as well as heating equipment as some of the possible causes of home fires occurring throughout the country.

Preparation is the Key to Bugging Out in Comfort

Anyone who happens to know me personally can attest that when it comes to bugging out I want a certain amount of luxury. I need those 12 volt appliances readily accessible when I journey to the wilds. I would be hard pressed to accept anything less then my 12 volt coffee pot, oven, toaster and the other miracles of battery living that our society has so graciously fashioned for me.

Bugging in Place

Just about every place that one may consider as a safe retreat location has some sort of negative aspect about it. As an example, assume we take the Idaho, Wyoming and Montana area. There are groups of people that are currently observing the Yellowstone area for a impending crisis. Suppose for one moment that the Yellowstone geysers start to go off as it has been predicted.

Pet First Aid Kit

In this article we hope to help you with putting together a kit for your pets at home. We hope to give some direction as to there use as well.

Readiness & Survival in an Uncertain World – Three Things You Can Do to Prepare

What will be the synergistic effect of these five trends as they begin to collide — Population Growth, Global Warming, Doomsday Predictions, Technological Interdependence, and Economic Collapse? Imagine an overpopulated planet suffering from dramatic and unpredictable weather, fighting for scarce resources in what is likely to be the worst economic crisis in history, with millions of people looking around the corner expectantly for the apocalypse, all the while depending on outside technologies and institutions for personal survival… Sound like a crisis in the making?

Be Aware of the Bears

The sky is blue, the grass is green, spring’s in the air! It’s time to start going camping and hiking. You see these excursions on TV in movies, and sometimes out of nowhere, they encounter a bear. They are coming out of hibernation now! You rarely see bear spray used on them in the movies where people are being mauled and eaten by them, but it’s a great product to carry with you when you do head out into the wilderness! Most individuals that have used firearms on a bear have been injured.

Emergency Food Storage Essentials – A “Living” Insurance Policy

Ironically there are many things that may be overlooked when preparing ahead for emergency situations. Find out what you may be missing and discover things that you hadn’t thought of that will sustain you on a short-term basis all the way through a longer-term catastrophe.

Boxing Day 2004 – The Day the Tsunami Struck

More than 200,000 people lost their lives in one of the worst natural disasters in the history of mankind. Years have passed now and the worst is over but the reconstruction will continue for years to come. Hundreds of thousands of people today are still living in temporary homes and are still trying to come to terms with the magnitude of this tragedy.

Mercury in the School Nurse’s Office

The nurse’s office may contain more elemental mercury than any other place in the school. This heavy metal gives off poisonous vapors which is harmful to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and can cause neurological damage. Children and pregnant women are at high risk, yet mercury containing devices are common in our schools.

What Goes in a Survival Kit?

I guess most of us have thought about putting a survival kit together. According to the Federal Government these are the basic items you need.

Be Prepared For When Nature Strikes

Dramatic and sudden flooding has been more frequent in the last decade. Whether during summer or winter, it has resulted in the media reporting many more incidences of commercial properties and residential homes being made uninhabitable due to water damage. The fallout from being a victim of such a disaster can be immense.

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