Best – Ultimate Adventure Survival Kit / Tin – REVIEW – Best Sub-$100 Survial Kit?

David and Dr. Joe take a look at the Henry / ASE / Best Glide Survival Kit. Could this be one of the best kits in the sub-$100 price category? You decide! Check it out… ~Enjoy!

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Best Glide (Similar to Henry Kit) Ultimate Adventure Kit (Basic):

Best Glide (Similar to Henry Kit) Ultimate Adventure Kit (Advanced):


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Henry Survival Kit:

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Teach Children Confidence Rather Than Fear to Prevent Abduction

We’ve all heard how we should teach our children not to talk to strangers in order to prevent them being abducted by someone they don’t know. But really, do we want to instill fear in them of every stranger? Sometimes it is a stranger who can help them if they are lost or injured.

Getting Ready For an Earthquake

All thanks to inept human activities, the ecological balance has been disturbed and that too in a significant way. Natural catastrophes like earthquakes are now commonplace as a result of this upsetting of ecological balance.

Creating an Emergency Food Storage – Using Mountain House Foods and Other Kits

A disaster may strike, and are you prepared for it? Make sure you have an emergency food storage kit, such as one by Mountain House Foods, to get you through the difficult time.

Stun Gun Effectiveness – What the Holster Does For Your Device

With crimes being prevalent nowadays, there is nothing more important than looking after yourself and your family. Law enforcement officers cannot always be there 24/7 just for you. This is primarily the reason why self defense devices were created. For private individuals, they serve as protection when the unthinkable does happen. For police officers, they prevent the using of the deadly gun too soon.

Solar Survival Solutions and Green Renewable Energy

Surfing the internet a few weeks ago I came across a product that blew me away. I live on a small remote island in the pacific in a very rural area. We are dependent upon the importation of everything, and I mean everything we use on a daily basis. Oil, food, textiles, clothing, and medical supplies just to name a few, have to travel thousands of miles to get here. Whether its by air or cargo ship, there is always a delay to get needed supplies in a timely manner.

What is an Emergency Response Shelter?

Whether we recognize or not the impact of human activity on the environment, the fact remains that climate is changing, as evidenced by the increasing number and intensity of what we call natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and so on. Since times immemorial, man looked for shelter to protect themselves against nature or other humans.

An Overview of Police Gear Used in Riot Control

Policing does not alone include busting highway speeders, thieves and killers but also to control agitation and riots stirred up by the common citizen. Mostly, the ratio of police men to the mob is always less than unity but still, the police succeed in settling the agitation down. How are they making it possible?

The Police Gear and Equipments Are a Lifesaver For the Force – A Peek Into the Various Types

When you are in a job like that of a police officer you can face some tricky situations out on the street when dealing law breakers and you and your fellow officers have nothing but their gear to rely upon as support. Police Gear is designed to help officers for different situations; for example gear used in a crime scene will be different from those used during riots. During riots the force needs special equipment.

Watching the Enemy

When the occasion arrives and the balloon goes up, one will have a complex time revealing which acquaintances are friendly and which could be of a dangerous breed. In cases as that, it becomes more imperative then ever to be able to discriminate certain mannerisms that may be out of the norm.

Eliminate Floods Forever

Rivers are like drainage systems in towns. If these are not cleaned, dirty water will spill into the streets. In the same way, rivers have to be dredged and the soil used for making strong embankments.

Wildfire Prevention

Wildfires can spread fast. Fires can be prevented by preparing and following safe guidelines. By taking some time out of our lives along with a few steps, we all can help to prevent wildfires.

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