BEST Barrel Handle Survival Knife? + Make Your Own Mini Survival Kit – Schrade SCHF2SM Review

Could the Schrade SCHF2sm be the BEST Military Style – Barrel Handle Survival Knife for Under $100? Check Out this Full Review and Discover How to Make Your Own EDC Mini Survival Kit to Fit in the Handle of this Knife or in 101 Other Small Places. ~Enjoy

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Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in the Video :

Schrade SCHF2SM – with Clip Point

Schrade SCHF1SM – with Spear Point

Schrade SCHF1 – Larger Barrel Handle Knife with Spear Point

Schrade SCHF2 – Larger Barrel Handle Knife with Clip Point

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting / Survival Knife

SOG Force – Survival Knife

Cold Steel SRK – Survival Knife

Gerber LMF 2 – Military Survival Knife


Here’s the Stuff in the SURVIVAL Kit:

1 – 7″ (or 18 centimeter) by 12″ (or 30 centimeter) piece of medium or heavy duty aluminum foil

1 – Cotton ball

2 – Small fishing hooks

2 – Small Split Shot

2 – Waterproof Matches

1 – Match Striker

1 – Small Firesteel Rod

1 – Heavy-duty Sewing Needle

2 – Small Safety Pins

1 – 15 inch (or 38 centimeter) Length of 1 1/2 (or 3.8 centimeter) wide duct tape


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