Beer Can Bearing Block

Trash is everywhere. And although we don’t condone polluting, in a survival situation an empty beer can could be a lifesaver. With an aluminum tin can, you can make a Bearing Block to help start a fire. We show you how with these tips from Jason Salyer.

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What is a Pandemic Economic Depression?

One thing that think tanks do is they consider any plausible scenario that could cause a challenge or situation in our civilization or society. And then the wisest amongst them work extremely hard to try to solve the problem in advance, and prevent it from ever happening. Not long ago, someone came to our think tank with a rather scary scenario, they indicated that the TARP Monies that have been spent stop the economic crisis, have only stopped half of the problem.

Surviving a Tsunami – The Samoa Experience in October 2009

Can you survive a tsunami? It depends. You have to get to a location that is out of reach of the tsunami. You can be out of reach by getting to ground that is high enough. You can also be so far inland, on flat terrain, away from the coast, that a tsunami’s force will be exhausted before it reaches your location.

10 Home Emergency Questions You Need to Know About

One of the biggest problems with homeowners today is that they’re not prepared for household emergencies like, plumbing leaks, electrical problems, kitchen fires, bathtubs and sinks overflowing, roof leaks while it’s raining and last but not least medical emergencies. Let’s see if you can answer a few questions that will help you prepare yourself for home emergencies.

First Aid Kits For Minor Accidents

First aid kits can be in a small package but it can save lives. Camping first aid kits need more comprehensive contents than the basic kit.

Steps on How to Escape a Sinking Automobile in a Flood Or Accident

All auto accidents are stressful events and many are very frightening. One of the most terrifying type of automobile accident is when a vehicle plunges into the water, leaving a driver and passengers trapped inside. These accidents are particularly dangerous due to the risk of drowning and many deaths are presumed to be a result of panic.

Surviving 2012 – 3 Things the Experts Won’t Tell You About Surviving 2012

In this article you’ll learn how to prepare to survive 2012. We’ll talk about why it’s so important to have lots of canned food available, the reason you need to have a survival bag ready and why it’s so important to know so much about the different 2012 scenarios as possible.

Averting Chaos and Understanding What is Really Happening During Times of Turmoil

We must be very careful not to over react when faced with a crisis, or a potential crisis. We must also prevent our paranoia from driving us into a ditch. If we work too hard to avert the chaos or crisis at hand, we are likely to solve that non-problem, only to create a new one.

Essential Preparation Tips During Natural Disasters

The changes in the ecological balance of the world affect the different phenomena in nature including natural catastrophes that are bombarding the contemporary world. Natural disasters are beyond your control and there is not much you can do about it but properly prepare yourself and your family whenever one happens. There are several kinds of natural hazards depending on your demographic location and other factors in the environment. For instance, if you are in a tropical country, you may experience excessive rainfall that eventually leads to flooding and landslides. Other places are more prone to earthquake because they are based in seismic locations, while others experience hurricanes, tidal waves and wild fire among others.

What Should Be Included in a Doomsday Survival Guide?

Are you shopping around for a doomsday survival guide? Unfortunately many people are today. There are predictions that the world will end in 2012 and of course there are many other reasons to worry about what might be called a doomsday.

Where to Find All You Need to Know About 2012

Where can you find all you need to know about 2012, the year when supposedly the world or just society in general is going to crumble? Some say that according to Mayan calendars and predictions by Nostradamus and others, this year will be very significant and will be marked by collapses of different societies and social structures overall. Do you believe this? Would you like to find out more?

Protect Your Personal Documents Against an Unexpected Emergency Disaster

Your personal documents may not survive an emergency disaster that comes unexpectedly. You may find that you don’t have time to gather them up at the time of the disaster. No matter where you live, no one is immune from the possibility of become a victim of flood, fire, or earthquake.

Disaster Risk Assessment – Your First Step in Your Emergency Preparedness Plans

Being aware of the type of disaster, both natural and man made, that is likely to occur in the area of the country in which you live will increase your survival rate. Which areas of the county are most vulnerable to hurricanes, tornadoes or flood? Are you prepared for a disaster that your area is the most susceptible to?

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