Bamboo Friction Fire Saw – SD Classic

Alan Kay demonstrates how to build a fire using the “Bamboo Fire Saw” method.
As you know fire is one of the most important things you need to have readily available in a real survival scenario.
Using nothing more than a sharp knife, a little ingenuity, and some good old-fashioned muscle power, Alan gets a fire started in minutes
And, it’s something you could easily learn how to do right away.

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Common Fire Extinguisher Types

Choosing the right type of fire extinguisher can be a confusing task because of the many fire extinguisher types available. You should be very mindful when you choose a fire extinguisher because each type is intended to put out a fire caused by different materials.

Fire Extinguisher – The Do’s and Don’ts in Handling and Maintenance

Having them around is a great thing. However, these devices also need proper care and handling in order to make them more effective in fire fighting.

Fire Extinguisher Signs – Communicate Effectively Hazards & Indications of Fire Suppressant Devices

It is easy to understand fire protection equipment when they are clear, brief and concise. No need for novels on how it should be used. A simple sign will do. Therefore, use one that has all of the qualities above for an effective use.

Vehicle Fire – How to Prevent it and How to Fight It

Vehicle fires are one of the major contributors of fire incidences in United States. Never fret. Now that you are aware, you can prevent it or you can fight small fires to avoid getting big.

Fire Regulations – Who Sets Them Up and the Importance of Adhering to it With Vigilance

An accredited company sets fire regulations. They should be strictly followed to avoid fatalities, injuries and losses from fire.

Fire Fighting – When to Fight Fire and When Not To, a Safe Practice in Fighting Small Scale Fires

Any ordinary person can fight small cases of fire. These are simple things but take a lot of courage and composure to do. However, when things get out of hand, call the fire department right away.

Fire Engineering – Learning the Systematic and Careful Process of Fighting Fire Safely

You do not need to be an engineer or a professional fire fighter to learn about the engineering and science of fire fighting. One way or another, it is very important for ordinary people to know this topic. Not only will it save their lives, it will also prevent the worse fire accidents from happening.

Which Fire Extinguisher Should You Use?

Fire is a hazard that threatens life and property seriously. But with proper training and procedures, accidental fires can be avoided. Yet even with this fact, it is still best to be prepared for a fire emergency in case it occurs. The first concept which comes to mind when fire is mentioned is how to put it out and the basic equipment that is used for this is a fire extinguisher.

Importance of Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs are important because it lets people know the things they should do in cases of fire. These signs are legally required to be posted in conspicuous areas of buildings and other locations where fire can occur.

Field Guides to Our Rescue

One of the inevitable parts of our travel kits are field guides and NIMS guides. These tiny but not to be ignored pocket books give us quick knowledge about a particular species of plant or an animal that we seem to be interested in. It’s generally used by tourists to identify animals or plants that may look alike but are not closely related.

Burn Prevention and Care is a Massive Global Problem

Globally, burns are a serious public health problem and the suffering caused is even more tragic as often, burns are preventable. The World Health Organisation (WHO) state that burn injuries are a serious public health problem with over 300,000 deaths occurring each year from fires alone, with more deaths from scalds, electrical, chemical burns and other forms of burns for which global data are not available.

Emergency First Aid Can Be the Difference Between Life and Death

Emergency first aid is the treatment of any injury or sudden illness before professional medical help can be provided. The primary aim is to preserve life and to prevent the condition worsening.

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