Are You Ready? 3- Day Disaster Plan @ The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast Ep.#3 Preview

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Preview of The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast Episode #3 –
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Discover: The TRUTH About Zombies, Prepping and Bugging Out – And Learn How to Start Your 3 – DAY DISASTER / Emergency Plan.

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TOP 10 Favorite OVERALL SURVIVAL Knives (Wilderness AND Urban)…

SELECTION CRITERIA: Knives on this List are the TOP 10 Knives that I Personally Own and Use the Most that Answer this Question – “If I Could Only Have ONE Knife for a Prolonged Period of Time (in a Wilderness OR Urban Situation) – Which Knife Would I Choose?” (Shown in NO Particular Order):
– GERBER StrongArm:
– KA-BAR Becker BK2:
– OKC Black Bird SK5:
– MORA Light My Fire:
– ESEE 4:
– SOG Seal Pup:
– TOPS Brakimo:

MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio-Knife (Shown Throughout Video): BIAS Alert! MSK-1 is the knife I (David) designed and have been testing / using since prototype #1 in early 2014. This is MY knife. This is the one I carry all the time – Whether on my side or in my pack. As of this writing we are JUST beginning to ship these – so they are not yet readily available. For these reasons, I have excluded the MSK-1 from this list.

Please watch: “NEW! SOL Survival, Emergency, Bug Out Bivvy – REVIEW – Best Backup Camping, Adventure Shelter?”

Bug Out Questions

Often new preppers have questions which they find difficult to obtain an answer too as they acquire the necessary skills and supplies. Several of the more common questions were discovered as I roamed around the net recently.

VTOL Single Person Expandable Wing Evacuation System Described

Recently, I learned of a huge problem, a state highway patrol agency had purchased several very expensive European helicopters which cost over $6 million each brand-new. Today, they are worth considerably less, but the cost for parts and the cost for maintenance is far too much for this particular state agency that is in severe financial hardship. Many of the states are these days, and they need to cut costs. Okay so, let’s talk about this problem and a potential technological solution for it all.

Putting Together Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Water and food are essential emergency preparedness supplies. Here are suggestions for putting together your own disaster solution.

How To Make A Real First Aid Kit

Learn the top ten items that can turn the average first aid kit into a Real first aid kit. Firefighter and first aid instructor shares how the right medical supplies can make a real difference in an emergency or disaster.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Breathe Without The AARC – Is Respiratory Therapy For You?

If you are not sure about the medical professionals handling your treatment, it can make even the healthiest lungs tighten up from concern. The American Association of Respiratory Care ensures that your care is at the top of the list of every government official, that each care professional who works to ensure your health is properly trained, and that they have resources to find information pertinent to your well being. Let’s learn why you can’t breathe without the AARC.

Evacuation Chairs And Their Advantages

Tracked or wheeled evacuation chairs are the most efficient and safe method for helping people with mobility problems exit a dangerous multi-storey building. Modern evacuation chairs are comfortable and easy to use, requiring little but essential training and their collapsible design mean that they can be safely stored away when not in use.

Are You a Good Doomsday Prepper? Are You Prepared?

If you have watched shows like Doomsday Preppers or Doomsday Bunkers you probably have a good idea of what a prepper is. The question is are you prepared? This article is about being a better prepper and where to find good resources for beginning preppers.

The Importance of Knowing When to Use a Fire Blanket in an Emergency Situation

Fire blankets are lifesavers and can be used to control many fires. Discover the common uses of fire blankets, the disposal and technology along with how they should be stored.

The Evac Chair – An Introduction

Provision for a safe means of escape from a building in the case of an emergency is essential, especially for people with mobility problems and doubly so, if your business is located in a high-rise building. Evac chairs provide the perfect solution for evacuating people who have difficulty using stairs and will experience difficulties if the lifts are shut off should an emergency situation arise.

Hiking Survival Needs

Preparations taken in advance will ensure a pleasant and safe hiking or backpacking experience! Taking simple steps in packing the necessities for survival goes a long way should the unexpected occur.

Are You Prepared for the Crisis?

The current economic situation within the US and the world doesn’t look good. Since 2008, we are dealing with the results from careless monetary and economic policies and somehow the people who are supposed to lead this country out of the crisis are the same that got us in this in the first place. Are you prepared for events to unfold? What will you do?

An Amateur’s Guide to Surviving a Tornado

A tornado is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. This article teaches the reader what to do (and not to do) in case of a tornado.

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