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In this video, Sootch explains how to be prepared for any situation with a small essentials kit. What should a small essentials kit contain? A trauma kit, knife/multi-tool, flashlight/headlamp, fire starter, and a filter straw. Watch now for details on how to pack your small essentials kit.

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What to Do When There is a Power Outage and a Freezer Breakdown

Things happen and one of them is definitely a power outage. When that happens, food in your fridge and freezer get in a mess and some may spoil. Here are some tips and guides to help you when you face such a nasty situation:

3 Vital Facts About Dorgard

If you start a conversation about fire safety equipment, you would hear people talk about extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire blankets, hose, sprinkler systems, and so on. Most people’s knowledge about fire safety is usually limited to these pieces of popular firefighting equipment. However, it is important to know that there are other equally important devices that play a crucial role during an emergency.

The Megaphone – Standing the Test of Time

Who hasn’t watched an 80’s police themed movie without ever seeing a megaphone? The nifty device is definitely a star for the ages. Even in our current society in which communication is relatively silent – private conversations via mobile phone, chatting via instant messaging on a desktop computer and texting, this device is still around. It is simply one of the most versatile devices around and it remains relatively unchanged, with its roles still indispensable in things it is still very good for. It works – it is as simple as that.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Fighting the Odorless Killer

Normally we are afraid of disasters we can see. We see tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and fires occurring worldwide on television creating this image of wrecks and rubble that make us more wary of the things happening around us. But there are others that we aren’t too aware of – and one of the most deadly in my opinion is carbon monoxide poisoning. So while we are prepared against fire by having our fire alarms in ready working mode 24/7 and the equipment ready for use in fire extinguisher cabinets, I hardly believe we are ready against this silent killer. Friends, this is why we all need to install a carbon monoxide detector in our homes and workplaces.

The Use of a Fire Escape Ladder

Until a few years ago, my room did not have a fire escape ladder on it. What makes my room somewhat special is the fact that it is on the second floor with the roof of the bungalow part of our home right beside it. Thus, if there was a way for me to escape through the window when a fire emergency occurs, I could if it had such a ladder. When I had it installed, I had fire safety signs in the house reminding my children and wife that there was a fire exit right through the master’s bedroom. Little did I know that what I was doing would be required of my scientific equipment distribution business.

Proper Use of a Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Not so long ago, a new class of fire was created – Class F. Class F refers to fires that start from cooking fat which burn at extremely high temperatures. None of the current fire extinguishers at the time were strong enough to douse or choke the flame and thus a new type of extinguisher was made just to counter it – the wet chemical fire extinguisher.

The Foam Fire Extinguisher For Your Home

When I run my business, I always make sure I have the right kinds of fire safety equipment within my vicinity. This is not just me of course – as it is now a universal legal requirement in the United Kingdom when the Fire Safety Order (2005) was implemented a few years back.

Why Everyone Needs a Carbon Monoxide Detector

In a potential fire emergency, it isn’t always the flames that spell death and tragedy. Amidst the thing we fear the most in such a situation we can imagine scenarios that depict a flaming room, suffering from the flames or even the movie-like image of jumping out of a burning building. However, reality says this isn’t the case, for besides the fire there is a silent killer – carbon monoxide.

Fire Protection For Businesses

It is quite striking to note that fire protection is a highly underrated policy here in the United Kingdom. If we take a look at the situation it is especially staggering – fires occur quite frequently in the country. Even if we are a highly educated populace, we don’t do well in terms of controlling this highly preventable disaster.

The Fire Alarm System

What fire protection method is more used, tried and tested than that good old fire alarm? An efficient system in any given area probably saves more lives per money spent in emergencies than anything else an establishment has ever spent on. It has been around for quite some time and is in principle, virtually unchanged. It is built to be heard by every human being in the premises of its area of responsibility. It is connected to the local fire station alerting them for an immediate response.

Proper Installation and Use of a Fire Alarm

A fire alarm system is a tried and tested, virtually unchanged way to excellent fire protection for any business or operation. It is indispensable since it alerts the local fire station of the ensuing fire and it also alerts everyone within the vicinity to take immediate action such as clearing the area and evacuating in a disciplined and orderly manner.

Dorgard – A Revolutionary Fire Safety Device

Quite interestingly enough, it is illegal to operate a fire door manually in the case of a fire. A fire door basically, is a door that prevents the spread of flames from room to room – and is therefore closed at when a fire does occur. But in a panic situation in which people may not be thinking rationally, some of them might make the mistake of trying to force it open (letting the fire in the room in most cases – much more dangerous). This is why I think that the relatively new fire safety device – Dorgard is quite revolutionary.

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