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Why Bother With A First Aid Course?

First Aid is the initial care given to a sick or injured person before a more formal medical assistance is applied. The goal is to immediately intervene to prevent further damage, provide life support, and to begin an effective treatment to a victim’s condition mainly to minimize injury and prevent death.

Important Street Survival Techniques You Need to Know

Urban survival or street survival methods are different from techniques used in the wilderness because of the lack of food and water. If urban survival strategies are required it means something disastrous has happened causing a breakdown of the government and law enforcement in that area.

Rain Catchment System Tips

A rain catchment system can give you and your family an independent source of clean drinking water. Earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks, and even a complete economic breakdown can all stop the flow of clean water that we take for granted each and every day.

What You Need to Know About EMP Protection

Protecting your electrical devices from an EMP attack means you will have to safeguard them from the effects of electromagnetic pulse. Being the victim of a nuclear, or non-nuclear EMP attack from a hostile country is a real threat.

2012 Survival Tips – Assembling Your Survival Kit

A life changing disaster can happen at any time. Having a disaster survival kit you can access at a moment’s notice can mean the difference between life and death for you and your family.While you can buy any number of different survival kits, it is just as easier – and usually less expensive – to assemble your own survival kit.

Know Your Survival Bunkers

Taking refuge in a survival bunker could be the only way to survive catastrophic events like a nuclear detonation or a natural disaster like a tornado. Bunkers are made to give you complete protection from radiation fallout. It will also give you and your family a safe place to hide out from everyone else while the rest of the world comes to grips with what just happened.

Best Survival Books to Add to Your Preparedness Library

What you learn by reading survival books can teach you to live after a collapse or major disaster or even save your life. Not everyone has the time to learn everything they need to survive, but books can teach you gardening, canning, dehydrating, hunting and camping, as well as how to identify edible and medicinal wild plants, and how to survive in the wilderness. The time to acquire these books and build your preparedness library is now, before the poo hits the fan.

Going Full-Circle by Mathematically Patterning Sand Drifts and Erosion Past, Present, and Future

When you think about it it’s truly amazing how far humans have come in their planning when it comes to building their cities and infrastructure. Today we have GPS GIS systems telling us elevations and where the big flood zones are or where they might appear. Generally speaking this works pretty well, and he gives us a really good idea of what is coming in the future helping us predict the 50 year flood, or the hundred year proverbial flood. Knowing this information we know how to build runoff channels diverting the water away from structures in areas where people live.

Even an Acre Can Be a Survival Retreat

Finding the right place for a survival retreat means you will have to do a complete analysis of the land to see if it can provide shelter, protection, reliable water and food-growing ability. The property you choose will depend on your needs and your skills.

6 Things To Do When an Earthquake Hits

There are plenty of things you can do to prepare for an earthquake. Have a plan with your family about where to go. Create an emergency kit only to be used during an earthquake. Keep your important documents safe and easy to grab so you don’t lose them. These are all great things to do in preparation but what about when an earthquake actually happens? What do you do then?

Doomsday Preppers Must Include This Essential Element in Their Emergency Preparations

In all your preparations for a disaster, you may have forgotten one of the most essential elements of an emergency plan. Read on to learn more about how you can be better prepared for a disaster.

Difference Between Freeze Dried / Dehydrated Food and MREs

The major difference between Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE’s), freeze dried or dehydrated foods is the shelf life, ranging from 5 years to twenty five years. These are manufactured for emergency situations but have applications in regular life (such as camping). Survival food should be placed in a dark and dry place such as a closet, cabinet or basement with a temperature of 50F to 60F.

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