Alan Kay’s Survival Wallet – SD Classic

Alan Kay has spent years collecting the perfect build for the Survival Wallet that he carries every day. Take an inside look at its contents and take notes to build your survival wallet today.

SPEC-OPS T.H.E. Wallet

Whirl-Pak 36 oz. (1 L) Stand-up Bags

Best Glide ASE Credit Card Size Fresnel Lens


Emergency Fire Starter

Olight I1R Keychain Light

Fiber Braided Fishing Line

Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit

1/10oz Gold Coins

Best Glide ASE Compact Tracker II Button Compass

Four Seasons Survival Tinder-Quik Fire Tab

MIL-M-18371E Emergency Signal Mirror

Slim Rescue Howler Whistle

Survival Parachute Fire Cord

Tarred Bank Line

Snare Wire

Marker Signal Panel

Pocket Wire Saw

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What Can You Do With Your Food Storage?

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