9 Things Preppers Often Forget – Until It’s Too Late / Survival Quick Tips: Bootcamp – L2

▶︎ In this video you will learn 9 vital off-grid / grid-down preparations even the most prepared often forget, until they find themselves with no power – or – in the midst of a disaster. Let’s get started…

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Family Survival Tips and Tricks – What is Your Plan For Your Family During Disaster?

When you are planning for emergencies and disasters as a family, there are variety of considerations. Learn what things you need to focus on to make sure that everyone knows how to follow your plan.

Spirituality Through Violence

The two different kinds of violence. One of them leads to higher awareness and spirituality.

Fire Damage Can Be Fixed With a Few Tips

If your home has suffered from fire damage, you might be desperate for some solutions. You will likely need the help of professionals depending on the severity, but you can learn what to do while you wait for their arrival.

What Happens After the Police Arrive to Your Burgled Home?

You called 911 and waited for the police. If you were in the house, you may have defended your loved ones. The case gets complicated if you injured your attacker. The police do not know who you are. Their primary responsibility is to stop the action.

How to Choose the Best Emergency Medical Supplies

Here are some of the things that you should consider when you are buying emergency medical supplies. Where should they be stored and what items should you have?

Preparing For Floods – Hints to Defend Your Home

When flooding hits it can often be without much warning. Flood defense is only effective in advance and once flood waters rise, it can often be too late to do anything other that watch as homes and businesses become flooded.

Is Martial Law Coming Because of the Flu? How You Can Prepare Just in Case

Some are worried about the government declaring martial law during a flu pandemic. One should not be so worried if they are properly prepared with a disaster situation.

Disasters Cause a Need For Emergency Mobile Water Purification

It’s just as possible for people who live in the largest metropolitan areas to experience disaster situations as it is for those in more rural settings. Even though we think of tornadoes in states like Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, it’s actually possible for them to strike anywhere. The only difference from when they hit in a rural area is that metropolitan areas have millions of people who will need emergency services and care.

Urban Survival – Disaster Preparedness

Urban survival is the scariest kind, because you aren’t just facing the quiet isolation of the mountains the desert or forest-you’re facing desperate masses of humanity who are convinced they’re in dire need. Urban survival is a skill, and like any skill it must be learned. Stay alert, stay mobile, be ready to run, but better yet, be prepared with knowledge to survive and possibly thrive in an urban disaster in your own home and neighborhood. Urban survival is about promoting sustainable living within ones urban environment; the principals of organic food production, alternative energy and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources and the reuse or recycling of everything possible.

Urban Survival Secrets – Surviving in the City Regardless of Disaster

Surviving in the woods is important to many people but few think about surviving in the urban environment during a disaster. There are situations that can put you into a city survival situation that needs to be planned for today.

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Being stuck in an emergency or disaster without planning is a horrible place to be in. Be responsible to yourself and your family and learn what you need to do to prepare.

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