6 Different SHTF Perimeter Alarms for Home or Bugging Out

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can never go wrong by setting up your perimeter and making sure you will know if someone is headed your way. Sootch shows 4 commercially made alarms and 2 homemade alarms that could very well save your life.

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Winter Escape Routes For the Home

Every homeowner and their families need to know two things by reflex: the best routes to escape the home in the case of disaster and where to meet up in such a situation. Fire, carbon monoxide pollution and other disasters strike quickly and without the benefit of allowing time for on the spot formulation of a plan. Being prepared in advance can literally be a matter of life and death.

Car Fire Extinguisher – Preliminary Remedy For Car Fires

A car fire is currently one common cause of fire-related property damage in the US today. About one motor vehicle in every two minutes catches a fire in the country. In the United Kingdom, the incidence of accidental fires are slowly lessening yet arson cases are on the rise. Most of car fire incidences in the UK are deliberate since joyriders tend to set stolen cars on fire. Furthermore, abandoned cars are usually set on fire by vandals. It is no surprise that two cars out of every registered one thousand cars catch fire each year in the United Kingdom.

The Fire Exit Sign – A Tool For Easier Exit Location

Fire exit sign is a tool in an unrestricted capability that shows where the emergency exit is. This kind of sign, with the word “EXIT” is usually found in colors red or green. An elegant fire exit symbol is simply observed if visibility is reduced. Commonly, an emergency lighting is placed over the sign.

Fire Regulations Ensure the Public’s Safety From Fire

Fire regulations are safety measures containing matters which are the issue of the official necessities beneath exact fire protection legislation. One such regulation is the Regulations and Precautions Act 1971, which usually goes together with the health and safety legislation as provided by the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and its policies.

Fire Protection Equipment and How They Keep You Protected

Fire protection equipment are introduced in the marketplace to be able to distinguish the various types for selective classification of fires. Based on the studies of the government information, each year there are almost 110,000 fire incidents in buildings, and about 650 citizens lose their lives to these incidents. Aside from losing people’s lives, fire damages include millions of capital from damage to property, loss of industry and other reimbursement claims. Nowadays, it is obligatory for companies to carry out fire risk measurement. The government provides regulations on carrying out and fire danger measurement of buildings based on their specific legislation.

Fire Extinguisher Signs Can Lessen the Hassle of Finding Your Extinguisher

A fire is one of the worst calamities that can strike your home or building, but if proper precautions are met, then a fire can be prevented from getting worse. A extinguisher is an equipment that is great to have when you need one but a lot of people realize it too late that it can be very useless to have a fire extinguisher without knowing how to operate it.

Risk Planning For Survivalists

We all know that risk is a factor that must always be taken into consideration when planning our survival tactics. Our various levels of government continually evaluate the various risks and options that are presented to them, and we should rightfully do so also. Although not all survival and emergency scenarios contain neither the elements nor the potential for drastic peril which could easily affect our plans the risks are still ever present and real.

Top Ten Survival Equipment & Supplies

Well there are a thousand and one scenarios of things to pack in a survival equipment list because there are so many things you would need for different occasions. But if you’re going to Survive then do a top ten list almost all survival gear should have the basics top ten equipped in them. But you will find in a professional Survival Gear pack ten individuals bags that are complied into one large bag in which become the ten essentials in survival equipment list.

And Yet Another Preparedness List

Once again I wandered around the net and discovered more items that should be enclosed in our preparedness kit for a rapid and quick get away should we need to leave an area quickly. On our web site you can readily find list after list after list. I think the key to using these lists is to continually compare them and add those items which you deem would be beneficial for you and your family. No one person can complete a list that would serve the purposes for everyone. The final selection of items rests in your hands.

Save Money, Save the Planet, Save Yourself

The new no battery flashlights are more than a convenience. They have no maintenance costs, are environmentally friendly and are always ready to work when you need them to work. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of regular flashlights.

EMF and Faraday Cages

Over the last several months my friend Wayne and I have had several discussions centered upon defeating the effects of EMF from a nuclear blast. As we all are aware these EMF signals are suppose to affect anything that has electronics in it from small radios to your automobile.

Survival Training Exercises With Babies and Children

When preparing for emergency survival situation you cannot properly prepare if you leave half your family at home. When having a survival exercise you must take each member of the family with you or your time is nothing but wasted. These family members should include small children and infants. Let’s face it should a real emergency occur these members will be with you then so don’t leave them at home with a baby sitter.

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