1st Responder Go Bag Featuring Navy Seal Don Mann

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Don Mann is a former Navy Seal (Team 6 combat medic), best-selling author, and public speaker. In this video, Big Daddy Unlimited Owner, Tony, and Don discuss what a “Go Bag” is, why you may need one, and what you should put in it. With everything happening in our world today, you are your own first responder. So your Go Bag should have some basic medical supplies in case of emergencies. Don gives you some of his recommendations so you can tailor your Go Bag for your needs. In addition, Don shows you how to use a tourniquet, his weapons of choice, and some items that you may not have thought about.

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Fire Extinguisher Basics – How to Properly and Effectively Use a CO2 Fire Extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguishers are an ideal choice for putting out fires caused by electricity and those originating from the kitchen. To be able to use this type of extinguisher correctly, you need to equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tips to utilize it successfully.

Water Fire Extinguisher – The Traditional Approach in Fighting Simple Fires

Water has often been the first means utilized to put out a small fire as it is an element that can be very effective and useful against flames. Most home fires are caused by combustible materials such as paper, wood and fabric. With this idea in mind, it is no wonder that one of the most frequently seen extinguishers found in homes and establishments is a water fire extinguisher.

Achieving Safety and Style With a Chrome Fire Extinguisher

Nowadays, people are more concerned and expectant on how something appears beautiful and agreeable rather than how these things are able to keep them safe and protected. This is not a revelation as modern society has often preferred to look and show their best in any affair no matter the cost. Although safety and style can be two different aspects, these two features can be achieved in this day and age. This is possible through the use of a chrome fire extinguisher.

Keeping Your Fire Extinguishers Safe and Efficient by Utilizing Fire Extinguisher Stands and Cabinet

One of the best way to uphold fire safety is to ensure that the possibility of a fire erupting is prevented. This can be realized by educating each member of the family or workforce with the different types of fire fighting equipment that can be the means of preventing a small insignificant fire to turn into destructive flames.

Upholding Fire Safety With the Use of an Automatic Fire Extinguisher

The United Kingdom is a country that has not been spared by the sudden circumstances of a fire eruption. Hundreds of properties and buildings are destroyed every year as well as the fact that it can sometimes even lead death to fire victims. Therefore, it is only crucial that essential fire fighting equipment is within easy reach at all times as fire can be one of the principal cause of fatalities all over the world. An ideal option for a fire fighting equipment that can be very effective in a fire outbreak is the automatic fire extinguisher.

Fire Safety – Securing Your Belongings With Fireproof Boxes

People on no account cease to be mindful of their things especially if it is very significant to them. It is not a surprise if they practice great care in all their valuables and make certain that these are enclosed in containers which can guarantee its preservation.

Fire Safety and Prevention – The Importance of a Fire Risk Assessment

If you have ever been a fire victim or a survivor, you will understand how important it is to make your home or workplace safe and protected from the possibility of a fire. And one of the best methods to accomplish this is through preventing fire eruption to commence. This can be done through undergoing a fire risk assessment for your business.

Fire Blankets – A Trouble-Free and Valuable Tool For Fire Emergencies

Fire safety equipment is one aspect of fire prevention that should be prioritized by many homeowners, building proprietors and business holders. There is a wide array of fire safety devices offered in this present day and age. One such reliable fire device is a fire blanket. Although they are not as popular as fire extinguishers, fire blankets can still be considered as one of the most effective and efficient fire fighting tools that can combat a fire in its early stages.

Hurricanes in New York

New York has a long history of severe weather, including major hurricanes. This article describes the history of New York’s exposure to hurricanes and the water and wind damage they caused.

7 Easy Tips For Snake and Spider Bites

If you’re living in the country or even in the city, the potential to be bitten by spiders or snakes are relatively high. One of the most common spiders, the House Spider has poisonous venom, can be fatal to certain people who are sensitive to those toxins. Hundreds of people are admitted to emergency room for spider or snake bites.

6 Tips to Remember For Emergency Evacuations

These days, a natural disaster or accident can happen anywhere. Take for instance in Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster which nobody thought could be so catastrophic, many people were mortally or fatally injured and many people had no way of contacting or receiving help. Accidents occur every day on the road or on hiking or camping trips. Sometimes accidents are so severe and require immediate attention, you may need to call for an emergency evacuation.

Surviving 2012 – What Every Man Should Know About Surviving 2012

If you are afraid of what will happen in the year 2012 then you should read this article carefully. Because, after reading this article, you’ll have a much better understanding of what to do when December 25, 2012 arrives.

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